Logo design service is engaged in creating professional logos for businesses around the world. As the year draws to a close, it’s time again for us to take a look at the trends in logo design. Let’s discover the artistic techniques that designers will use in 2021!


Clean compositions, straightforward typefaces and lack of embellishments will continue to dominate trends. In 2021, get ready to see more impactful logos with minimalist effects! Versatility is what makes simple emblems so popular with businesses. The minimalist design remains perfectly recognizable on a wide variety of surfaces, from mobile app icon to banner ad and business card. Watch how big brands simplify their logos to make them more trendy and memorable.

Bold fonts

Do you dream of an eye-catching design? So put aside the use of common fonts like Helvetica or 

Futura! An original font is the best way to impress your audience and make them want to learn more about your business. If your logo already has a font, it might be better to drop it and create a new typo from scratch. Getting a new typo is easier than finding an organic way to refresh the existing one. Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you!


In 2021, designers will continue to explore the endless potential of gradients. Smooth transitions and shadows are effective tools for adding dramatic effect to your design. The best way to do this is to use a color and play with its saturation. Gradients are great for turning a flat image into a three-dimensional image. The most important thing when using gradients is to make sure that your logo looks good after printing, even with a black and white palette.

Letter destruction

Different audiences love hints and innuendo, and it would be a shame not to use them to your advantage! If you have a text-based logo, be sure to try out this beautiful, mystifying trend. The letter shredding technique involves leaving the letters unfinished, as if you have run out of ink or the inscription has worn out. At the same time, you need to make sure that your design remains readable. You don’t want your customers wondering what the name of your business is, do you?


This simple technique has the power to give even the most trivial logo a facelift! Two or more geometric shapes, colored and arranged one above the other is a great way to add depth and volume to your emblem. In addition, this trend offers endless possibilities to combine your geometric shapes. Creating a multi-layered, deep-meaning logo has never been easier! 

Negative space

Designers are not yet ready to abandon this trend, and neither are we! The negative space offers many original solutions. In fact, you can create a whole new image from scratch! Negative space is a sure-fire way to create an engaging and mystifying design that will turn heads. Imagine your customers looking puzzled as they try to decipher the image hidden in your logo!

Ultra-fine lines

Forget about thick patterns and sophisticated curves. The year 2021 will surprise us with elegant airy logos drawn with fine lines. It’s a smart solution for text-based logos. The best part about a fancy logo is that it adapts well to different sizes and formats, print as well as digital. This stylish technique is sure to elevate your branding compared to the competition!

Visual chaos

It’s time to put aside conventional solutions and open up to experimentation! Play with randomly drawn letters, asymmetric compositions and unpredictable geometry. A chaotic-looking design can catch the eye of the beholder and spark their imagination.

The balance

Unlike the previous trend on our list, this technique is based on clean typography, tidy layout and symmetry. Designs of this type convey a feeling of serenity and harmony. For a stronger visual impact, pair this trend with fading or missing letters.


In 2021, monograms will be seen as a trend in its own right, and we couldn’t be happier for it. A monogram can be paired with any trend from this list! Feel free to create your monogram with vibrant colors, clever geometric shapes, or negative space effect. A timeless monogram-based design is a great way to showcase the concept of a brand based on safety and conservatism.  

We hope you’ve found some great ideas in this quick overview. Use them to revitalize your old logo or create a whole new one by logo design company! Whatever artistic decision you make, the key is to make sure that your design speaks to your target audience and conforms to their values ​​and needs.