Small-sized houses are cosy and charming, but they also come with minimal kitchen space, which can be unpleasant. Fortunately, there are numerous ideas to optimize efficiency and visual appeal for small kitchens. These design ideas can maximize your kitchen storage and space. In that spirit, we have compiled 13 design ideas to help you make the most of your small kitchen space. 

Two Tasks With One Table 

If you do not have enough room to add a kitchen island, consider a table that can perform multiple functions. Stylish console tables make excellent alternatives to a dining bar and prep area. If you are familiar with carpentry, you can also buy timber online and DIY fancy console tables of your choice.  

More Light? Yes, Please 

Brighten up the kitchen by installing lighting fixtures. Hang pendant lights over the island or prep station to make the kitchen look vibrant. A brighter lighting system can make any room look more capacious. You can also choose a light colour palette for the cabinetry, doors, and windows to enhance the spacious illusion. 

Organized Cabinets

An organized setting is the key to opening more space for rooms of any size. And this applies to the cabinets as well. Release maximum storage by organizing your kitchen cabinets- container systems, sorted spice jars, and everything else to enhance kitchen storage solutions. 

Flood The Kitchen With White

The lightest palette is white, and you should dress your kitchen in white. White helps in dispersing and reflecting light, which can make your kitchen area look spacious. If you want an alternative to white, you can also choose ivory, eggshell, off-white, and cream. The trick is to go with a colour from the lightest palette to make even the tiniest kitchen appear roomy.

Illuminate the Shelves and Cabinets 

For a dramatic impact, fill the cabinets and shelves with as much natural and artificial light as possible. Install LED light strips or wall and library lights near the cabinets and shelves.  

Dining on a Peninsula  

If your kitchen space is extra small, you can eliminate a separate dining area. Instead, add stools or chairs to the peninsula or the counter and convert it into a dining area.

Optimize Storage Options 

Get creative with storage solutions! Cutlery hooks, pot shelves, and magnetic knife strips are all great choices. Hang storage baskets on the open side of the wall cabinets, add shelves above the sink if there is room. If you have a kitchen peninsula, you can also add drawers to the end of it. 

Drop-Down Wall Table

A drop-down wall table is perfect for small kitchens. Drop-down tables are one to tickle the fancy of DIY lovers. They are simple to build and mount, which saves you both space and money. The type of wood can depend on your woodworking experience. You can purchase the wood from a timber yard or even get it online. Since most timber yards are wholesale dealers that sell in bulk, choosing to buy timber online can be a better option for DIY drop-down tables.  

Mirrors and More Mirrors

Make your kitchen appear larger, brighter, and prettier with mirrors. Mirrors add a sense of space while also making the cooking session a pleasure. Installing mirrors in your kitchen can open up the room and also allow maximum absorption of light. 

Patterns on the Floor 

Incorporate patterns into unconventional areas, such as the floor. Patterned floors can make the room appear larger and also give it an aesthetic appeal. 


Making Use of The Space Above the Counter for Extra Storage

When it comes to how much room you can add to a wall, the ceiling is the limit. You can build an efficient storage system with hooks for mugs, pegs for pans, shelves for glassware, and a rod for frequently used utensils above the kitchen counter. 

Switch To Pull-out Pantry

A small kitchen can limit the size of the pantry. No worries! You can go for the pull-out ones. Simply carving out a horizontal space is enough for installing a pull-out pantry. You will have plenty of storage, and there will not be wasted space in the back. 

Bring In The Greens 

Use plants and potted herbs to decorate your kitchen. Adding plants to your home has numerous advantages. Plants purify the air, brighten up space, fill empty shelves, and give you something to look after. A touch of greenery looks invigorating and can instantly freshen, colour, and add life to any room.

These tips can make your small kitchen space appear bigger and more beautiful.