Left Hand L Shaped Shower Bath Tub With MDf Front, End Panel Shower Screen

1500mm L Shape Bath – A Perfect Bathtub for Family Bathrooms

The 1500mm L Shaped Baths are a type of shower bath that provides both shower and bath facilities. Everyone knows how good a bath is for our health. You come home after an exhausting day at work. Nothing is more relaxing than spending some sitting in the bathtub. It not only makes you fresh but also helps you to have a sound sleep during the night.

However, in the last few decades, a new trend has emerged in the UK. And that is installing a shower in the bathroom. It is especially loved by the working class, which only has few minutes to get fresh before going to work. So, it’s their way to getting fresh quickly. That’s why it became extremely popular over time. Now installing an enclosure for the shower is also a trend for modern bath spaces.

But one thing that people don’t forget is how good a bath can be for relaxing their nerves. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have increasingly turned towards more healthy ways to live. And bathing is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is difficult to sacrifice a bath over a shower and for many showers over a bath. Most of the bathrooms in the UK are small, and they don’t have space for both fixtures. Even if they have, installing both will cost a lot.

What is a 1500mm L Shape Bath?

To solve this problem and help people enjoy both facilities, manufacturers came up with a unique solution: a shower bath. The 1500mm L Shape Bath is simply designed to offer both in a single unit. It has an L shape that makes it spacious at the one end. So, on that end, you can just install an overhead shower and an optional shower screen to turn this side into a shower area. That’s why it is called a shower bath. Like any other fixture, these are also available in different sizes. A standard bath size in the UK is 1700mm in length; less than that, we have 1400mm and 1500mm sizes that are suitable for small bathrooms.

Why Should You Install 1500mm L Shape Bath?

By installing this bath, you can expect the following benefits.

  • The first and most important is the obvious benefits that are associated with all shower baths, and that is you can enjoy both facilities even in a smaller bathroom where you can not have a separate unit for it.
  • In comparison to a standard bath, you can have a more spacious and comfortable bath in it. That is due to the more space available for the movements during the bath. Even there will be enough room for water exercises if you want.
  • 1500mm L Shaped Baths

are an excellent choice for family bathrooms where you can not go for separate fixtures due to space or budget issues. Because due to room that allows you to relax in bath easily, you can give bath to your young children without a problem. It will not be easy in a standard bath nor with a shower alone. That is why families usually prefer this kind of bath.

  • Another benefit of this bathtub is that it is a great addition if you want to create a modern or contemporary look in the bathroom. Its stylish interior fully complies with what a trendy design can be. Therefore, it will fully complement your requirements of look great. You just need to add a shower screen on the side of the spacious side, and it will look perfect.

Our Verdict.

The L-shaped bath is great for many reasons. It offers a dual facility and can be great in both utility and aesthetics. If you are living with your family and plan to have a kid, it’s an excellent choice for your family bathroom. It can also be great for a single person who wants a luxurious bath experience.

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