Family-related cases are often personal and sensitive as they usually involve issues between parents, spouses, and even their children. That’s why it’s a huge advantage to find a capable and competent family lawyer who can help you iron things out in the way you want them to be. 

Whether you’re in pursuit of child support, custody arrangement, divorce, legal separation or other more family cases, a qualified family lawyer can be of help. On the other hand, if the family lawyer lacks skills and competence, your case might go down the drain. 

Although family issues or matters aren’t always present, having a family lawyer on the side might save you from possible family-related cases you might deal with in the future. Thus, regardless of your current situation, either you already hired a family lawyer or currently looking for one, take a look at these red flags that will tell you that you hired or working with an incompetent and incapable family lawyer. 

1. An inexperienced family lawyer presents and practices poor communication.

No matter how minor or how critical the case is, family lawyers must always be present at a time their clients have queries or seek updates about the ongoing case or potential case. If family lawyers respond after a few days or a week behind, we can say that they’re practising poor communication, which is a disadvantage. 

Although it’s comprehensible how busy most lawyers are, the family lawyer you hired or currently working with must make time to keep you abreast of the progress of your case. It’s because showing and practising poor communication is a red flag that a family lawyer isn’t competent enough.

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2. Inefficient family lawyers practice over-billing and display a sketchy billing system.

The next disturbing warning that will tell you if you’re working with an incompetent and incapable family lawyer is if he’s practising over-billing. Aside from that, showing a suspicious and inadequate billing system also marks that you hired the wrong family lawyer.

No matter how logical it is that hiring a skilled lawyer might be quite expensive, your family lawyer must state his rates straightforward, and must stick to the agreed rates. If he presents unforeseen charges from time to time, then that’s suspicious and questionable for sure. 

3. You’re not guaranteed if the family lawyer understands you, as well as your case.

In the process of resolving family cases, it’s normal for lawyers to state their advice or present recommendations that might oppose your original objectives or plan. On the other hand, your family lawyer should still sit down and listen to your concerns and prioritise your interests. 

Once a family lawyer disregards your concerns and seems to set your interest on the back burner, then that’s a red flag that you’re working with an incompetent family lawyer. It’s because regardless of how unimportant he sees your ideas, he must still consider your interests concerning you as his client. 

The bottom line:

Bringing in the best and competent family lawyer in the family court can be your ace to win the case. That’s why you must be 100% that you’re paying the price of a skilled lawyer, particularly if you don’t want to lose in the case. 


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