Okay Pals! Get ready for some kick-ass workout. It’s gonna be loads of fun. Working out at home made easier. So what if lockdown has put a restriction on your gym in Bandra West and fitness centers. You can still do a fun workout at the comfort of your home without any gym equipment. Whatever be your fitness goal, it’s time to get rolling! 

Spare 30 minutes of your days time for self-care. Self-care is not limited to taking care of skin and hair alone but also includes boosting immunity, strengthening and doing a physical workout to get you active and in hearty condition. 

Please find below 30 minute HIIT workout formulated by a fitness expert that can be performed at home. Fitness made easy. Don’t find an excuse to ditch workout, instead find an excuse to not skip the workout. 

Before we begin the workout, let’s understand what a HIIT workout is. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) focuses on building stamina, endurance and strengthening of muscles gradually. All you require is a space to do your workout freely. HIIT workout burns 25 to 30 percent more calories compared to resistance training, treadmill run, cycling so you gain benefits in a short amount of time. 

Additionally, it also helps to strengthen your heart, improves your blood pressure and increases your metabolism post workout. Does all this sound convincing in starting the most result-oriented workout? Try to do HIIT workout, 2-3 times a week for best results. 

This is an entire circuit workout, take ten seconds rest between each workout and get going. This exercise routine involves burning of the whole body. We say it’s a ticket to getting fitter, energised and all round happier. Finish the workout with some stretches and a protein shake. Lastly, don’t forget to sip water between the workout. Smile and enjoy your session.  

So are you ready? How is the Josh? 

Equipment: None

Time: 30 Minutes 

Please Note: Make sure to confirm with your doctor if it is safe for you to workout. In case of any physical injury, you can replace a particular exercise or try modifications. You can watch YouTube to learn some exercises that you haven’t done before. Maintain your form rather than focusing on the number of counts. Rest for 10-20 seconds in between each exercise. 

Do some warm up exercises such as spot jogging, jumping jacks, butt kicks and high knees – 20 counts each. 

  • Walkout:

Stand straight, walk down front in a plank position and climb back straight again. Complete 10 repetitions. 

  • Butt kicks:

Stand straight and start jogging by hitting your legs back to the butts. Complete 10 repetitions. 

  • Knee Hugs:

Stand straight, take one leg up to the waist and hug it with your legs. Do the same way with the other leg. One round is complete when you do both the feets one by one. Complete 10 repetition. 

  • Alternating low lunges with rotation:

Come in plank position, start with spiderman pose and lift your hands in the air and twist the torso. Come back again in plank position and do the same with the other leg. That’s one round complete. Complete 10 repetitions. 

  •  Mountain Climber:

Come in a plank position and run in the same direction pretending to climb mountains. You can do 10 fast repetitions and 10 slow repetition for maximum impact. 

  • Jumping jacks:

Start with jumping jacks by simultaneously jumping feet out and in with the movements of hands as well. Do 20 repetitions of Jumping jacks without a pause. 

  • Plank jacks:

Come in plank position and jump your feet in and out. Complete 20 repetitions. 

  • Side forearm plank to forearm plank:

Come in plank position, place one hand on the floor and other arm in the air and twist your torso. Come back to the original position and do the same thing with the other hand. Complete 10 repetitions altogether. 

  • Jump Squat:

Come in a squat position and jump in the air while landing on your toes. Make sure to land softly in the squat position to prevent any injury. Finish 20 repetitions and move to the other exercise. 

  • Star Jump:

Start jumping with your feets and arms altogether in the air making an X and landing back in the original position. Land softly on your toes and complete 20 repetitions. 

  • Step touch:

This is a very cool workout. Just flip to sides one by one by placing the two legs together on one side than on the other side. Complete 10 repetitions. 

  • Split lunge:

Perform lunges by switching your legs while jumping on the other side and try to balance yourself. Continue 10 repetitions with each leg. 

  • Mountain climber lunges:

Come in a plank position and jump in lunges one side than the other side by switching legs. Complete 10 counts on each side. 

  • Burpees:

Stand straight and jump in the air and immediately roll on to the plank position, jump in and stand straight again. Do 10 counts of burpees. 

  • High Knees:

Jump while bringing your knees close to the waist altering the legs. A count of 20 repetitions will do the needful. 

Clap for yourself! You did it. End the workout with some stretching exercises. We shall ask again, “How’s the Josh?”  
HIIT workout is a total body workout that requires no equipment. It is done by the use of your bodyweight. Neither you require a gym membership or a personal trainer to get in shape. If you still lack inclination to workout then you might need someone to push you. You can opt for online workout classes available by most of the fitness centers