Well-known celebrities are surely thankful to have supportive fanbases in their country and all over the world. These fans are there to cheer them on and to give a leg up to their favorite superstars. Sometimes though, there are a few fans that neglect to realize that their dear artists will not survive all the journey of their stardom without their own celebrity managers. As important as these big names are the artist managers by their side as well.  

The celebrity management company where the artists belong to assign a specific celebrity manager to each one of them. These managers work for and with the artists they handle, regarding everything in the artists’ careers. It’s literally living for others’ lives, in this case, celebrity managers are living to be of great assistance and support to the dreams and jobs of artists they handle. 

Now, this piece is written to remind and enlighten fans like you, a fan of specific icons too, that celebrity managers are to be highly valued and recognized for their efforts. Check out these 4 reasons why fans must respect celebrity managers like they respect celebrities! Put yourself into the fan mode while reading now, and see these points to keep in mind!


celebrity managers take care of artists

You have your most favorite artists, and seeing that they are well taken care of makes you glad and relieved. It also pains you when they are hated or mistreated for no reason. 

Fans can promote and defend their beloved artists through online discussions and even face-to-face conversations. They can even send food and gifts to them through the artists’ celebrity management company

Meanwhile, it is the celebrity manager that directly takes care of the fans’ faves. These managers oversee and organize everything, be it schedules and appointments, offers and advertisements, food and clothes. Although they have a team of runners, stylists and production staff, generally, they administer all. They really put their utmost effort for the sake of their artists. 

Celebrity managers are really to be treasured because just like the fans who are concerned with these personages, they also are and probably even more!


celebrity managers protect artists

At all times, celebrity managers aim to secure the welfare of their celebs, so many of them are most of the time strict when it comes to letting the artists interact with fans. Of course, they also do not want their artists to be accidentally troubled by fans who are overly excited or persistent, and by people who might be just pretending to be supporters. 

What’s more, celebrity managers protect their artists when there are attacks targeting them, specifically if these are fake news and false scandals, all aiming to destroy their celebrities’ career. They are among the first people, if not the first, in the celebrity management company who take quick action whenever big, defaming reports about their artists blow up. 

Fans must definitely acknowledge the kindness of celebrity managers towards their favorite artists. Being beside a famous icon most of the time is already like putting their life at risk, protecting people who have the public eye, both the good and the bad, over them.   


celebrities respect celebrity managers

In most cases, when a particular celebrity loves someone or something, his/her fans love that someone or something too. Just take a look at brands advertised by stars; their fans buy them to show support and to get close to them, too, even when it is not in a direct way. 

In the same way, celebrities themselves respect and treat their managers like family, so fans should also do. 

Oftentimes, the managers they’ve had from their pre-debut or debut time are still the same managers they have today. They have built a close relationship, like that of true parent-child bonds or sibling ties! That and the continuing love and labor these managers share towards their handled artists make these artists extremely grateful and respectful to them. Like family, they have been through ups and downs in the celebs’ career, so they value each other in and out of business.  


celebrity managers are humans too

Similar to people’s favorite artists, celebrity managers are humans too. This is a huge reminder because there are times when even the celebrity managers get attacked by fans whenever the artists are mistreated or underpromoted by their companies or by whatever involved party. Also, some fans consider celebrity managers as “assistants only”, but they are not. They are actually one of the top essential people in the circle of celebrities. 

As humans like fans and celebrities, they get hurt and offended by unpleasant words towards themselves and their artists too. They are to be honored as well for doing a taxing job in the industry.  



Thanks to selfless celebrity managers that dedicate their time and energy for the best of people’s favorite artists! Because of their existence, fans can rest assured that their favorite media personalities are in good hands. They are to be esteemed, cherished and appreciated, too, because without a doubt, the job of celebrity managers is a tough one!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.