4 Ways in Which You Can Fix Your Cracked Screen

Smartphones are now quite fascinating for our daily lifestyle. They are so because of their features the fact that they make our lives easy and, most importantly, they look great. They are perfectly designed; to please their users. Smartphones are absolutely portable, and you can carry them in any environment. It all looks good until the time you are maintaining it, not just internally but also externally. Although smartphones look great, they need to be handled very delicately. They are very much prone to external damage if not handled properly. Users have dealt with scratches and cracks on the phone. But it looks so awful when your phone screen gets cracked. Here, the first thing you would like to do is refer to a cellphone repair like Mobile Junction. But you can try to fix this issue on your own too.

Your Smartphone falls out of your pocket or slips out of your hand and hits the ground developing several cracks on its screen. One careless fall down and the look of your phone appear to be unpleasant. Once the screen develops cracks, it is challenging to think that what you could do next apart from taking it to a cell phone repair. But this issue does have a few DIY fixes. Thus instead of Googling ‘’phone screen repair near me’’ first try to fix this issue yourself by following the tricks given below.

Tips To Fix Your Cracked Smartphone

Use A Packing Tape

If your phone has not experienced deep cracks then, what you can do is use packing tape. A packing tape is pressure-resistant and will work as a glass cover for your phone. In case you do not want to take your phone to a cellphone repair, you can easily opt for this solution. A transparent packing tape will prove to be a pocket-friendly solution for your cracked phone screen.

Use A Toothpaste

It is hard to believe, but it is a potential solution for recovering the cracked parts of your phone screen. Take a small amount of toothpaste on a cotton bud, and then gently rub it onto the phone screen’s cracked areas. It is believed that the minty toothpaste is going to remove the cracks which your phone has developed. But just be aware of the liquid toothpaste entering into the sensitive parts of your phone as it might damage your phone.

Use A Vegetable Oil

This solution might not fix the cracked phone screen completely but is efficient enough to hide it for some time. Moreover, since it is an oil so, you must keep in mind that the oil does not enter into the sensitive parts of your phone. So what you need to do is take a small bud of cotton and lightly dab it into the vegetable oil. Now, rub it gently on the screen of your phone. Hopefully, it is going to hide the hairline cracks on your screen neatly. It might not be a permanent fix but, it is going to hide the cracks.

Fix-It With Sugru

You can simply fix the solution with Sugru, provide you know the technique well. If the crack has developed in the corners, it can be a great fix, but it can prove to be a temporary fix if it has cracked in the middle. So here is how you can fix the cracked screen with Sugru. All you need is toilet paper and a pack of Sugru.

  • Switch on your phone; so that you can evidently, see that where the cracks are, precisely on the screen. 
  • Take some toilet paper to gently rub the phone screen, especially where the crack has developed. It is essential to eliminate the accumulated dust particles from the screen; because Sugru works best in clean areas.
  • Take a very tiny amount of Sugru and place it on the cracked screen. Take more if you think it is required.
  • Leave it for 12-24 hours and, your DIY fix has worked!


These were some of the easiest and pocket solutions for fixing the screen. However, if none of these solutions work, you can refer to cell phone repair experts like Mobile Junction, one of the most preferred shops for phone repair in London. You can also go through their website to gather further details about them.