5 Career Options to earn more Money in 2021

The Pandemic has affected the way people used to approach their livelihood. If you are looking for a good job, you have surely landed on the right page. People often search for a job desperately without considering their core strength and the course in which they specialize. Whether you have a college degree or have recently completed an online course, we will help you to decide with a career option that has tremendous growth options in the current situation. Healthcare, IT, Management, Finance, Engineering, and Law are some major sectors which can offer you a good scope to develop your career depending on your specialization and skills. In this segment, we have discussed some crucial career options that can bring a significant change in your career selection. 

Medical Professionals

The medical staff has recently proven their expertise and essence in the pandemic time when the whole world was struggling hard to fight Corona virus. Learning a good lesson from this current situation, the medical companies and hospitals are surely going to open new ways for more and more doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff. The standard pay scale for most of the medical professionals lies between 15 to 20 lakh per annum. However, the package always depends on the specialization stream but still, you can earn package if you have opted for any of the medical courses. Some good schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah also motivate their students who have opted for Biology subject in their senior secondary classes. The healthcare industry is thus, estimated to be one of the most promising sectors for offering a good range of well-paid jobs.

Data Analyst

The demand for such professionals in the corporate sector has been increasing significantly offering a wide range of jobs to protect and use available data for profit maximization strategies and further policy making. Data remains to be an essential asset for almost every organization and its maximum exploitation will be appreciated in the coming time. Some good international schools in Ras Al Khaimah like RAK American Academy provide proper information along with motivation to its students for developing a fruitful career in this field. Getting acquainted with some data analytics tools such as Python, SQL, and Tableau can help you in great sense to be hired by some top organizations. Analytics and AI still dominates the way most of the global leaders mark a difference in their strategies and policies for utilizing resources based on proper and authentic data analysis.

Product Manager

A person who is responsible for complete planning and execution for producing a product and launching it in the market. These people are responsible for proper guidance during a product launch and for further improvements in it. Product managers are strategic thinkers and deeply understand the role of data, business competencies, and prevalent market trends. You must own a professional degree in MBA with specialization in production and warehousing. Good technical skills are also required for this post, hence, a person who has a management degree and required set of skills can easily approach a well-paying job in this promising sector.

Engineering: Instrumentation & Control (IC)

This is a major sector where the demand for IC engineers is still exceeding its supply. The reason being that not every college or university offer this course. If you are planning to specialize in a field that gets you instant attention followed by an employment, IC engineering is the best option for you. An IC engineer covers topics such as automation, control systems, Engineering mathematics, robotics, electronics, logical controllers, programming & software. The speed at which the world is heading towards automation with effective use of Artificial Intelligence is paving way for competitive IC engineers who can develop a new vision in current business operations. RAK American Academy, the first American curriculum school in RAK offers its students a complete guidance on some emerging sectors where students can develop a sense of interest.

Mobile App Developer

It’s useless to tell you what importance do mobile apps keep today in our fast-paced world. If you have a technical background in software programming and app development, this option will surely work best for you. Both Android and iPhone market is always open to those who have something special and worth time saving. There is a good demand for mobile app developers in the IT industry. The only thing is, you must be an expert in your field. Try to develop a forte in which you excel and the entire mobile app market will welcome you with open handedly. Some good schools in RAK provide thorough guidance to their students to make career in upcoming technical fields like mobile app development and data security.

To get hired by a renowned organization, you must acquire deftness in your particular field and this will mark a difference when you are out for a job hunt. Remember that experts are always respected for their work just because they possess deftness in their area of specialization.