cloud based EMR

What is a Cloud Based EHR Software? 

In this day and age technology is as advanced as it has ever been. Everything can be done remotely now and handled through cloud based servers. You can access most of your accounts online and similarly, this is a reality with EHR systems as well. These days, EHR software are also available in cloud based deployment options which allow you to access the software remotely. The software is housed in a remote server which can be accessed through an internet connection. 

In this piece, we will talk about various cloud based EHR software available to you. We will discuss features apart from being cloud based that these software have in order to help you make a better decision about these software. From Novoclinical to CareCloud; we will tell you about them all so keep reading. 

Best Cloud Based EHR Software

Insight EMR 

The first software on our list is Insight EMR. This software has a variety of features which make it a stellar choice for any practice. The software apart from being cloud based, also happens to have a great dashboard feature which allows you to easily use the software and not have to grapple with a learning curve. 

Another wonderful feature in this software happens to be that the software is flexible in terms of what you need. The software scales itself to your size and gives you an experience which would fit the need for your practice’s size. If you are a small practice at the moment with aspirations to grow then this would be a great option! 


DrChrono is another great cloud based EHR option. This software has a great template feature which allows you to choose from a large variety of templates so you have one which suits your needs. You can even make further customizations to these templates so that they fit your needs even better! This helps you craft a template which suits your needs perfectly so that you are able to reduce the time it takes to populate your template and are able to easily fill out information about your patient. 


Novoclinical is another software which is deployed via cloud based properties and has several wonderful features. This software has a really great scheduling feature which allows you to optimize your patient schedule so that you are able to see as many patients in a day as possible. The feature also helps you to maximize your revenue as a result which is very important. Another great thing about Novoclinical is that it has an e-prescription feature which allows you to make prescriptions virtually. Your patient can simply go to whatever pharmacy is convenient for them and ask them for the prescription there. These features and many more are what make Novoclinical such a pleasure to use! 


After Novoclinical, we have CareCloud. As the name for this software itself suggests this software is indeed cloud based and full of wonderful features. The telemedicine feature in CareCloud allows you as a practitioner to see patients virtually. You can make virtual video meeting appointments with patients and see them virtually. This feature was especially helpful during Covid-19 as it allowed for patients to stay at home and attend their doctors appointment virtually so no issues would come out of it! 


Kareo EHR is another great software which you should definitely check out. This software, much like Novoclinical, has a great scheduling feature which allows you to make as many appointments in a day as possible. And in case a patient cancels their appointment last minute, the software replaces that appointment with a new one from the waitlist feature. This helps you to make sure no time is wasted during your work day and that you are able to see as many patients in a day as possible! 

Which EMR Should you Invest in 

We cannot decide which EHR software you should opt for but can perhaps help you come to your own decision. The first thing we suggest is reading as many reviews for each of these software as possible so that you can get an idea about them. 

You should also ask the vendor for whatever software you are seriously considering for a demo of it. For example, asking for a Novoclinical demo might help you make a better decision about whether or not the software is right for you. 

We hope whatever decision you come to, it will prove to be the right one for you and your medical practice.