CBSE school in Chennai

Schools build the foundation of a child’s career as this marks the start of their learning phase. Anything wrong with the start may affect the child in the future. So, every parent must give special attention to picking a good and reputed CBSE school to enroll their children. Starting from pros to cons, everything about a school should be thoroughly learned before admitting your child to the school.

But, how can a parent know which school is good for them, or how can they arrange the info they are looking for? All the parents’ questions are answered in brief below that will help them admit their kid to a top CBSE school in Chennai like Vels Vidyashram.

Points to Check While Admission to Best CBSE Schools:

Academic Performance

The academic performance of a school defines its quality. This means the quality of education offered to the students is extraordinary, which is reflected in these students’ results. To check the academic performance, you can visit a school’s website and check their past results. Also, you can go through their awards and recognitions in the academic field to verify the stance of the CBSE school in academics. Moreover, check the ranking of CBSE schools in your city to know which CBSE school is best at present.

Practical Experiences

Lessons are learned more effectively when practically taught. And good CBSE schools believe in the above phrase, and they often organize field trips and other activities to enhance the learning atmosphere of the students. Moreover, for better practical experiments, they offer good laboratories and all the essential equipment required to experiment. To know whether a school conducts such activities or not, you can directly ask the student of the school or can check the website where a few details are available.

Quality Faculty

One of the primary reasons behind the success of a school. A highly educated fleet of faculty can easily make a CBSE school top the list. If qualification is matched with experience and style of teaching, then this is a boost for the school. Most of the CBSE schools generally have good teachers, but the best schools have the best faculties like Vels Vidyashram. So, if you are looking for top schools, check out their faculties to offer your kid a safe future.


A small school has minimal chances of making a student perfect from every aspect. But, more prominent schools with better infrastructure can offer the best facilities for the students studying. Top CBSE schools offer a rich learning environment in the classroom and every corridor of the school. With multiple fields for dedicated sports, other co-curricular activity rooms, etc., top CBSE schools motivate students to live beyond just academics. To know more about the infrastructure or facilities, you can visit the school or check that on the internet.

Nominal Fee Structure

For the desire of admitting your kid to a top CBSE school in Chennai, don’t spend a lot of money on school fees. You should know that several top CBSE schools offer quality education at a very nominal fee, as Vels Vidyashram offers. Spending a lot of money just for the sake of top CBSE schools is never a good idea, as in the end, quality education is what matters the most. So, do proper research on top schools and their fee structures to get the best for your kid.



Whether in a city or all over the country, thousands of CBSE schools offer quality education. But still, some schools are coming on top of all these schools to become parents’ first preference. So, to find out which one will be good to shape your kid’s future, you should look at all the qualities equally and help your child join a quality CBSE school.