5 Mistakes In Business That Make You Look Dumb


What’s a business, so it is a repeatable process that creates and delivers something of value. 

That other person WANT & NEED at a price they are willing to pay in a way that satisfies the customer’s NEED & SATISFACTION so that the business brings in enough PROFIT. Enough profit to make it WORTHWHILE For the owner to CONTINUE operation. Businesses include large organizations such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Walmart or General Motors. 

A business plan is a vital document for every entrepreneur who wants to start a successful business. Also, it is a must document for taking business loans from banks or other investors. 

This article is specially dedicated to those who are looking for a perfect plan of business.


Marketing is the major part of your business and if you forget about testing your strategies or reviewing them then, you will get in serious trouble. There are especially different types of marketing strategies for different kinds of products. So, make sure that which will work best for your product or service. Not researching marketing strategies will be a high risk for business failure. 

Not having a clear idea of what the company does or how they do it. This is one of the most important things to have when writing up a business plan. You need to know exactly what the product/service that you are selling will be before you start thinking about marketing strategies. If you don’t understand this part then you can easily get lost along the way.

No market research. Market Research is very crucial for any kind of business. There’s no point starting a new business without knowing whether there is enough demand for your service or products. In fact, even though you may think that people would want to buy from you just because you exist, but unless you’ve done some sort of market research first, you really won’t know until too late.


There are always risks available in any type of business. Like MSME registration online If you are thinking about your business being risk-free then, it will be a big mistake. It will cost you too much at the end of the year. So, write down all the possible risks and solve all problems with proper realistic answers. 


If you are just looking to make money and money only then, it will be one of the big mistakes for your startup. You need to look for how useful your product or service is for your customers. Also, your aim for selling your product is to satisfy customers needs. If your product can’t satisfy buyers requirements then, the product will be downrated and soon it will fail. So, not focusing on product benefits will be a mistake. 


If you are not formatting your business plan then, no one wants to read it. Even people get bored by an unformulated business plan. So, learn some formatting skills and make your plan look sweet, concise and attractive while people open it in front of you. 


Few entrepreneurs are just writing business plans by themselves and not getting reviewed by professionals. They are just ignoring the business plan review before submitting it for business loan approval. It will be hard for them if that business plan has many mistakes. The business plan module will give you lifetime support to help you to refine or review your business plan by our professional business plan writers and entrepreneurs. 


Sometimes; we hide our negative thoughts and weaknesses; It’s just because of our self-belief that we think we can solve them later on. But, it is not true. You need to learn your weaknesses and make sure you start improving them at the moment. If you can’t change or improve your bad habits or weaknesses then, how can you assume that your business will go on the sky! 


People just start a business and start selling it with all the people who are talking about your product. But, it is not good to start. You need to find the targeted audience and interested people who are going to try your product or service for free or after buying it. If you forget about defining the targeted audience then, it will be a big mistake for your business. 


You are going to set up your own business. You need to hide some secrets in your business plan. Do not go for writing all things on paper. Some things must be present in your mind that nobody can get. It will be your plus point that without your contribution that product or service will not be completed. So, do not share too much information in your plan. 

These are some mistakes in a business plan that you must recover.