Betting events are conducted along with the significant number of sporting matches or championships happening each year. Kenya is among the countries where gambling is classified as a legitimate recreational leisure activity; hence, people who love to watch sport can also enjoy the benefits of wagering on matches. 

Sports betting has taken Kenya by storm, with more men, particularly young adults, are getting involved in sporting activities as well as betting events. It comes as betting on sports provide not only entertainment but also a chance to earn money.

The Rise of Sports Betting in Kenya

The rise of sports betting in the country is correlated to the Kenyan society’s structure and current state. Kenya has a large youth population that existing industries in the country are failing to accommodate, resulting in high unemployment rates in young people. As many young people are left jobless, they resort to gambling to earn money to sustain themselves. 

Besides the societal factors having a massive role in making Kenya one of the largest gambling markets in the African continent, technology has also contributed to making the country a sports betting empire. Although gambling online is already an available choice for bettors around 2012 through computers connected to the internet, it was the emergence of mobile technology that gave sports betting an extra boost, allowing bettors to bet online more quickly and conveniently. 

Profitable Sports to Bet On

Kenyans love to watch and bet on various local and international sporting events. And many people are highly enthusiastic about soccer/football not only because of the game’s simplicity but also because of its profitability. Football is considered the most profitable sport to bet on in Kenya, as people continue to hear success stories of bettors winning big from football betting.  

However, even though football is a profitable sport, people should not pressure themselves to select it as their betting option. There are a good number of sports which can also be as valuable as football. 


Basketball is among the most popular team sports in the world that people watch and bet on. Due to this, many sportsbooks offer as many basketball games as possible, particularly during the playoff seasons. Several bookies give bettors a wide variety of basketball betting markets, odds, and even cash out options on games to further encourage bettors’ participation in basketball betting events. 

Although European leagues, Asian leagues, and African leagues offer basketball fans many basketball games to watch and bet on, most Kenyans follow the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the matches it organizes. It comes as it offers a great profit potential, particularly to those who know how to navigate the basketball betting landscape. 

To stay profitable in NBA betting, punters must understand how the betting lines are made and what they mean. Accordingly, they should also check NBA rankings, analyze the performance of teams playing to make informed bets, and increase their chances of winning in a particular betting event. 


Cricket is another spectator sport that is gaining popularity in the betting industry. The sport’s popularity in Kenya has reached new heights as the country’s National team joins and competes with other countries on the International stage. 

The success of cricket tournaments around the world, including the Twenty20 competitions, has given bookmakers the opportunity to offer bettors various international and domestic cricket markets to bet on, as well as several types of wagers to place. 

Punters are given a wide array of betting options. The popular bets they place are: 

  • Outright betting – punters bet on who they think wins in a particular match;
  • Totals betting – bettors place wagers on whether one of the teams will score over/under a specific number of runs in an inning; and,
  • Futures bets – can be placed months in advance for significant cricket events. 

Horse Racing 

Horse racing, or the “Sports of Kings,” has maintained its popularity for centuries because of the abundance of events all year round, allowing bookmakers to offer a wide array of betting markets betting options to punters. 

For punters who are looking for events that offer the best deals, they should consider betting on major events, including: 

  • US’ Triple Crown Series
  • Australia’s Melbourne Cup Carnival and The Championships 
  • Britain’s Royal Ascot Carnival 
  • Dubai’s World Cup Carnival, and 
  • New Zealand’s Derby and Cup Day

Punters do not only love this sport because of the multiple betting opportunities. Instead, they delve into the sport because of the big payouts. Horse racing is also accessible to most countries, whether punters are online or offline. 

As stated before, mobile technology has made betting more convenient and also more accessible. Thus, allowing punters to bet through mobile betting apps, limiting their need to travel to the nearest betting office to place a bet. 


Tennis has become the second biggest sports people love to bet on, behind football, with billions of dollars bet on the sport annually. Over the years, more people are turning to tennis to place bets due to the high volumes of events each year, with men’s, women’s, and juniors’ matches being played almost every day. 

Several bookmakers offer extensive tennis markets, a wide array of betting options, bonus offers, and promotions, mainly during big tournaments like the Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, and US Open. Additionally, bookies also offer a vast spread of online betting options for punters during Davis Cup, Federation Cup, Hopman Cup, and ATP World Tour Finals. 

American Football

American football is among the sports that have a lot of games in a year. The National Football League (NFL) schedules 256 games in a particular season, as each NFL team plays a total of 16 games during a 17-week period. 

NFL is one of the two most prominent football leagues in the US, which is popular among punters. The other is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football. 

Aside from the abundance of football games each year, another benefit of betting on American football is its profitability. Football betting is highly profitable for punters when they understand the sport and the different football betting markets and apply a smart and efficient betting strategy when placing wagers on football games. 


Sports betting is embraced hugely by Kenyans as it is an incredible way to earn extra cash even while watching and enjoying the game. Although gambling is a “game of chance,” and most often, the odds are against bettors, many people are still taking the risk as betting on sports can reap big.

However, even when bettors choose to place wagers on the most profitable sports in the betting industry, they are less likely to earn money if they do not understand how betting on a specific sport works and use the right techniques and strategies when betting. Therefore, to gain more profit when betting, punters must research and understand the game’s rules, how betting on the sport works, and the different betting markets available. They must also employ effective sports betting strategies and proper bankroll management.

Where can you start betting?

When betting on sports online, punters need to select a trusted and reliable online sportsbook. It will ensure punters a seamless sports betting experience and prevent them from signing up and depositing money in dodgy betting sites. 

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