paid streaming services

Though torrenting is a more convenient, cheaper, and accessible way of watching movies, many things make it worse when compared with paid streaming services.

Unlike torrent sites like movies download movierulz, streaming sites are safer, provide more variety, give greater video quality, and protect your online information from theft.

If you are wondering whether using paid sites is worth it or you should continue using torrents for your movie needs, then we suggest you read this article till the end to find out.

Following are some of the main reasons why we think you should avoid using torrents.

  • Video Quality is Mediocre

Paid streaming sites guarantee HD or above video quality for every show that they host. These services host the original content after taking permissions from the respective owners.

You can watch any show, movie, or documentary on such sites without ever worrying about poor video resolution. Torrent sites on the other hand give HD resolution for some shows while lower for others.

The video quality often doesn’t even remain consistent. It is good one instant and becomes poor the next.

  • They Have Less Variety

The paid streaming websites contain many genres and each one further has hundreds of films for you to watch in your free time. Torrent sites on the other hand contain few films and focus more on other stuff like web series, games, and application files.

Torrent sites also do not give access to the latest movies and sometimes you even have to wait for a month or more to view the stuff. The paid streaming sites are updated regularly and new shows and movies are added every month.

This makes sure you get access to your favourite shows immediately and that you don’t have to hide to avoid spoilers.

  • Security Risks

Torrent uses the individual computers that are owned by the general public to send and receive movies. There is no proper server to manage the content of a torrent site.

This makes you vulnerable to data-stealing, hacking, and other cybercrimes. Moreover, due to a lack of check and balance, the files on torrent sites are also notorious for carrying viruses and malware that can potentially destroy your device,

  • Ads and Backlinks

Paid streaming sites enhance your movies watching experience because they have no ads to interrupt you. Torrent sites on the other hand, due to being free, have many annoying pop-ups and backlinks which wastes so much of your time and causes frustration.

Paid sites charge you monthly or yearly for their services and that eliminates the need of displaying unwanted ads on the sites which makes them ideal. You can concentrate better on the films and unlike torrent sites, you get to have fun with their friendly UI.

  • Legal Issues

Torrent sites often host unauthorized and pirated content and if you stumble upon such files and get caught, you run the risk of getting fined or facing a lawsuit.

Governments from all over the world are coming up with strict laws to stop such illegal activities and in some parts of the world, you could even get imprisoned for downloading pirated content from these sites.

Note that torrent itself is not illegal if used for downloading free content, however, if you use this tool to access the stuff that is not supposed to be free, you might face severe legal actions.

So, we suggest you do not take this risk and enjoy your favourite movies on legal sites like kisscartoon alternatives.

Final Words

Now you know what risks are involved in torrenting and whether you should use it or not. It is not wise to save a few bucks that you pay to a legal streaming site and then put yourself in bigger trouble in the long run.

Paid sites offer affordable packages that you can get for yourself and protect your online identity and sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands while enjoying the endless variety of content to watch.

We hope this information has helped you realise why torrenting is a bad idea and we hope you find the safest and more fun way of enjoying movies that you love very soon.