Do you want to add a new appeal to your bathroom? Adding a beautifully sculpted concrete bathroom basin can spice up your home improvement ideas. You might even wonder if it is a practical choice for your daily usage. The simple answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why a concrete basin is a great pick for your bathroom in 2021.

Concrete Bathroom Basin | Concreations Ltd
  1. Style 

Concrete is quite a versatile material for home use. You can create any shapes and add a custom finish to them. TBH, your home does not need any industrial design for a concrete basin. Almost any design would serve the purpose of being stylish and functional for your bathroom needs. Be it modern, rustic or country styles, concrete can fit into all of those designs.

Protip: Interior designers love concrete designs for home spaces. That’s because it offers unparalleled beauty and functionality.

  1. Beauty

The natural colour variation concrete offers opens up new avenues of unique basin styles. It offers a plethora of shades and colours that go well with your bathroom colour scheme. That’s the kind of flexibility concrete fixtures offer to your bathroom space. 

Just ask the makers and artisans to tint them in the colour that matches your bathroom wall finish. You can even add earth greys and rich brown shades for your basin. 

Protip: Go for a smooth and glossy finish or a matte look as you like to see the surface texture.

  1. Strength

Concrete stands for its strength and durability. That’s why all the construction work relies on concrete use. Your concrete bathroom basin can last for over 50 years. All it needs is a little care and maintenance from your end. While it is a superb choice for a busy family bathroom. That’s because a concrete basin can easily withstand everyday use without looking worn out.

Protip: Add the concrete basin for your bathroom remodel to make it durable.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance work is minimal when it comes to using concrete fixtures in your home. A concrete basin comes pre-sealed before it’s actually shipped to your home. But, you need to reseal the basin every ten years. That’s a little work but ten years is equally a long time. 

All you need to do is polish wax in a month to keep the basin in its best shape. This is just like regular cleaning work you take up for your home. Besides, if you see any marks or stains, repair work is simple enough. So, don’t worry about it. 

Protip: Keep up the regular maintenance work to add more longevity.

  1. Each Basin Is Unique

Don’t you want a unique basin for your bathroom? Here we go.

When it comes to concrete basins, you’ll see that no two basins are alike. Each model has its own shades, marking and designs. That’s why it is a popular choice among the savvy homeowners of Europe and America.

The concrete basins offer a long list of benefits for your bathroom remodeling. It adds a unique sense of style and functionality to your bathroom. Be it their beauty or practicality, it makes for a perfect basin choice. Find your best bathroom pick in multiple colors with us today.