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Normally, when people aren’t able to have restorative and sound sleep, it is accredited to stress and restlessness. However, there’s another common reason for this, which often goes unnoticed or neglected. We are talking about bed bugs here.

A bed bugs infestation is a real problem and deserves timely action; otherwise, it can go out of hand and spread to other parts of your home. Your ultimate resort, in such a situation, would be to hire the best bed bug control Surrey services.

The real problem here is that not many people know about bed bugs. Knowing them properly would allow you to tackle an infestation situation in a better way. On this note, let’s take a look at things that not a lot of people know about bed bugs:

They Can Be Found on Surfaces Other Than Your Bed

Although the name specifies that they are found on beds only, they can be found on other surfaces as well. For example, you can have bed bugs on your sofas or wardrobe. And it is not tough for them to travel from one room to another. So, if one room in your home has become their abode, it’s highly likely that they are present in other rooms as well.

They Can Travel with You

Yes, it’s right. They can travel with you, and that too, free of cost. Many people unknowingly carry these pests with them and bring them to their homes. It so happens that bed bugs are commonly found in hotel rooms. When you stay in such a room that’s infested with begs, they can attach themselves to your clothes, other items or even your suitcase. This way, they travel with you wherever you go. And you, unknowingly, become their carrier.

Their Bites Can Result in an Infection

A bed bugs infestation in your room makes you more prone to getting an infection but in an indirect way. Bear in mind that there is no known disease that results due to the bed bugs bite. However, it can lead to itching. And, in some cases, this itching can result in excessive scratching. This, in turn, can make you more likely to suffer from an infection, which can take some time to go.

They Can Lead to Stress & Productivity Issues

One of the most harmful effects of having bed bugs in your home is that they cause loss of sleep. As you won’t be able to sleep peacefully, it will impact your mental health. You wouldn’t be able to give your 100% whether you are studying or working. This can eventually lead to stress, as well.

This is why experts recommend getting rid of this problem as early as you can.

They Have Great Survival Skills

Unlike some other pests, bed bugs have great survival skills. Firstly, they are not easily visible; you cannot terminate them on their own. In some cases, you may not be aware of their presence at all. Furthermore, they can survive in freezing cold temperatures and in a warm climate up to 122 degrees as well.

Another astonishing fact here is that they do not need regular feeding to stay alive and survive. Studies have shown that even if they do not have a blood feeding for a year, they can still survive.

How to Control Bed Bugs Infestation?

Now that you have known not so common facts about bed bugs, it’s time that you start taking action and keep your home protected against infestation. Here are some of the things you can do in this regard:

  • Regularly clean your home. Make sure hidden areas such as the surface underneath the bed, walls behind the pictures and other such spots are properly cleaned. Opt for deep clean services once a while for this.
  • Regularly change your bed sheets and pillow covers. Even if they do not show signs of dirtiness, it’s important that you change them on a regular basis.
  • Take special care when you are travelling. As stated above, it is one of the major causes of bed bugs infestation in your home.

In case bed bugs have already made their way to your home, the best option is to hire Total Pest Control Surrey services. It is one of the most dependable pest control companies you can rely on for getting rid of bed bugs and other commonly found pests.