Video Marketing

Anything that has a visual appeal always lends itself well as it increases the engagement rate. Therefore, brands should bring videos under their current marketing strategy. They help in widening your brand awareness and reach on various social media platforms.

Videos have a certain quality that makes them far more interesting than any other marketing tool. Through them, people can register the content in their minds in a much better way.

They are simple to understand and allow your customers to make instant buying decisions. The bizarre thing is that not everyone can produce catchy videos. But with the help of Digital Marketing Services, you can easily create videos with the viral coefficient.  

Here Are the 5 Ideal Types of Videos for Brand Promotion

  1. Live Workshops and Webinars

The pandemic has pushed everything online. Many businesses have now successfully adapted to this change. As a part of their content marketing strategy, they are now using live videos, workshops, and webinars to engage with their audience.

It can’t be projected when you will be able to promote your brand physically. Until the situation corrects itself, it is an excellent idea to hold live sessions to keep your brand’s spirit alive. This way, you will be able to stay in touch with your potential and existing customers.

  • An Explainer Video

Explainer videos, as the name suggests, try to explain something to the audience. It could be some concept that is a bit complex and might require some research before it is understood well.

What these videos do is deconstruct that concept and help in doing away with the problems. For example, videos that showcase your product or those containing explanations by thought leaders can help promote your brand.

  • Augmented Reality and Immersive (360-degree) Videos

You can add elements like augmented reality to your videos. This will make them more appealing and exciting to your customers, and your engagement rate will rise.

Immersive videos are more suitable for slower videos with longer formats.

  • An Event Recap Video

Event recaps help to deliver the gist of the event to your potential as well as existing customers. These videos help in sparking brand interest in them. These can even go on to improve your brand reputation if you show all those brands with whom you have partnered so far.

  • A Customer Testimonial Video

A customer or client testimonial video can help you generate trust in your clients towards your brand. These videos can help them clear away all the reservations that they would be having about your brand. As a result, they will be able to make conclusive buying decisions quickly.


Using videos on various social media platforms can help in spreading brand awareness and reach. With exciting videos, you will be able to stimulate your sales one way or the other, and your revenue will be touching the roof in no time. You can hire Social Media Services in Delhi to produce videos that have the potential of becoming famous.