Curly hair wigs can be a great addition to every lady’s beauty collection. It can make you stand out and give you a very confident look. One fine thing about curly hair wigs is that they never go out of fashion. If you are the kind that loves to remain trendy all the time, investing in curly hair wigs is a great option. However, curly hair wigs also require some form of care to maintain their looks. In this article, I will teach you the five easy ways to care for your wig.

Ways to Care For Your Curly Wigs

Here are five things you can do to maintain the looks of your curly hair wigs.

1.      Take The Time To Separate The Hair And Remove Tangles

Inspect your curly hair wigs frequently after each use and separate any tangles that may be present. The easiest way to destroy your curly hair wigs is by neglecting tangles. After wearing your wigs, use a comb to gently separate the hair and ensure it is free from knots.

Use a moisture-rich conditioner and a soft brush to care for your wig. Invest in a brush with soft spines or a wide-tooth comb for the best result. You can also use your fingers to gently separate tangle. Be gentle when separating tangled hair to avoid adding excessive friction to the hair. Also, ensure to separate all twists before washing the hair to prevent further tangling or breakage.

2.      Wash Your Wig Once in a While

The amount of times you wash your curly hair wigs is dependent on two factors:

  • The frequency of usage
  • The number of hair care products you use on the wigs

If you are not a frequent user, washing your hair wig twice a month is just perfect. However, regular users can wash the hair wig up to four times a month. Invest in sulfate-free shampoo to prevent the hair from losing its curls. Also, invest in hydrating conditioners for the best result.

Soak the hair in a basin with water for up to 10 minutes, then rinse properly. Avoid rubbing the hair during washing to prevent frizzing. Pat the hair gently and lay on a towel to drain out excess water.Ensure that the wig is dry before storing.

3.      Invest In A Leave-In Conditioner To Reduce Frizz

Leave-in conditioner will help to moisturize the hair and restore some of the curls. You can also apply hair oil to your wig to help it retain the moisture.

4.      Keep Your Curly Hair Safe By Covering Them

Buy a hair bonnet and cover your hair more often. A hair bonnet is one of the ways to keep your curly hair safe from dust.Satin bonnets are always the best choice when buying a bonnet.

5.      Do Not Use Alcohol-Based Products On Your Curly Hair Wigs

Alcohol-based products can cause your hair to dry up, which can lead to hair breakage. Like your natural hair, your curly hair wigs are not tolerant to alcohol-based products. Once they become dry, they easily frizz or break.