free credit card

Credit cards can be considered as one of the powerful financial instruments. Hence, choosing the right one can be a tough job. Moreover, you have a vast choice. Some credit cards provide many benefits, including no limitation on the spending limit, provision of gold inlay on the card, and adjoining fees up to 1 lakh. 

At the same time, some cards may provide you with tighter credit limits with no joining fees. Availability of a free credit card can be quite difficult at times.

However, before you get your hands on these cards, you must remember that your application would be precisely scrutinized before dispatching you the same. The issuer looks into your current income status to judge whether and how easily you can go for the repayment. If you do not have any regular income, getting a credit card would become difficult. But that cannot be considered an impossible task. 

Present the employment letter and check for the usage pattern

Every company issues an official letter of joining that states the monthly salary of the person. While these letters do not confirm anything, it indicates how much you would earn every month. Based on that, you can get a credit card on favourable terms and conditions.

Before getting a free credit card, you must take a look at your financial behaviour and lifestyle. That will help you to get a credit card that complements your lifestyle and provides you various benefits. For example, if you are a person who shops more often, then choose a credit card that provides you with discounts and reward points. But, on the other hand, the fuel-related cards become easier to handle for people with diesel bills and recurring petrol bills.

You can also choose the supreme premium cards. Based on your usage pattern and lifestyle, you can choose from a wide variety of cards. But before you indulge in any, you need to go through the various information that the card offers.

Display an account with a generous amount

At times you may have no present income but a very healthy balance in your account. For example, it can happen when you take involuntary retirement or take a break from your work. Here, in this case, the availability of the funds in your account provides the assurance that you can repay without any problem. If you think to choose this way of getting the card, you need to go to the desired Card section and click on the credit card apply the option to avail of it.

Choosing the option of an add-on card

Often you get to choose a credit card against any primary card that your family member has. For instance, you can avail an add-on card if your sibling, parents, or spouse is a primary cardholder. Moreover, you can enjoy the full benefits that come with these cards and the primary credit cards. If the primary holder has a good credit history, in that case, this is quite an attractive solution.

Moreover, you need to check whether your credit card charges are levied indirectly or directly. There was a time when credit companies used to provide credit cards without any fees. But it came to a halt with India facing turmoil in the lending space. It was also the learning phase for every credit card industry. Credit card companies nowadays offer credit cards to those customers who wish to pay for various benefits offered on the card.

Apply for a secured credit card

You may get various issuers that would provide you credit card once you pledge the bank account or fixed deposit as the collateral. Here in those cases, the fixed deposit acts as a security that ensures the issue of future repayments once you are short of finance. In those cases, your credit limit goes from 75 % to 90% of the value that you have in your fixed deposit. 

Apply for a credit card jointly.

Applying for a joint credit card provides you a better chance to get a credit-worthy co-signer. In addition, this step may help you to get a secured credit card. In such cases, the individual’s financial power and creditworthiness can help you get various advantages.

Finally, once you get credit card access, it can help you to get various financial help. In every transaction, you can earn reward points and special discounts. These offers can help you to enjoy significant savings of at least Rs. 55000 on an annual basis. Some of the credit cards can also provide you complimentary airport lounge access.

Also, if you already have a Credit Card, you can change it to get these benefits. You can also get a change in the credit limit. To get more ideas and information on your credit card queries, you can call the customer executive of that particular company for various information and printed details.