There is a popular saying among digital marketers. It states that “content is king”. This saying has proven itself true. This is due to the ability of digital content to adjust and meet the demands of digital marketing. Many times in the past, various group of experts have written off content marketing as a digital marketing strategy. However, content marketing continues to adjust and thrive.

Once more, there is a major change or adjustment to content marketing. The use of voice search means that the regular form of content marketing will not be enough. There is a significant surge in the amount of individuals using voice messages to communicate. It is faster saying the word “Woocommerce Composite Product Builder” than typing it.

In this regard, it is no surprise that search engines now incorporate voice search into providing solutions for web users. This addition will cause changes to the content marketing strategy of websites. Website operators will have to make some necessary adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. Here are five ways voice search is a big shift in content marketing.

Question Formatted Keywords

When searching for results using texts, web users will simply input the name of what they want. If they wanted to learn about Woocommerce smart coupons for example, they will simply type “Woocommerce smart coupons” into the search engine tab. With voice search, this will be different.

Instead of just typing “Woocommerce smart coupons plugins”, web users will say “how do I install Woocommerce smart coupons plugin?” To help you rank higher, you will have to use questions rather than statements as your keywords. This will enable search engines refer your webpages as top results Instead of using “Woocommerce mix and match” as the title of your content, you will have to use “what is woocommerce mix and match?”

More Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Keywords will have to be longer as searches will take the form of question. This does not totally write off long short tail keywords. Unlike short tail keywords, questions contain more than two words. This does not mean the end of short tail keywords. Short tail keywords will be combined to produce question taking the form of related long tailed keywords.

To harness this feature, website operators will have to be direct about their content. They can no use one stone to kill two birds. This is because long tail keywords target a very specific set of customers.

Emphasis on Q&A and Chatbots

There are no better ways to answer questions than the use of chatbots and FAQs. Due to its less frequent use, many experts wrote off FAQs. Some even suggested that chatbots are here to retire FAQs. However, this shift in content marketing causes website operators to resume using FAQs.

While chatbots are more sophisticated, they often require web users to dialogue with the bots to get answers. FAQs on the other hand are already existing content. Optimize your FAQs to improve your voice search feature. Ensure that the questions are the kind of questions that web users would ask when talking.

Mobile First Optimized Content

This may not seem so content related, but it is. When developing written content, make sure you are delighting individuals using mobile devices. Design your websites such that the content is readable from a mobile phone or tablets. Research show that most web users who using the voice search feature are mostly accessing the internet from mobile devices.

Actually, most web users are mobile device users. To help out, stick to using 4-6 lines per paragraph when developing contents. Avoid using complex, compound or mixed sentences. That content that is one line on a computer will be two to three lines on a mobile phone.

Emphasis on Local Search

One major difference the voice search feature offers is it brings out the intent of web users. It enables users to be precise about what they want. Search engines now have to be precise in giving web users what they demand. To this effect, voice search results will feature results of websites closest to the web user.

Websites operators will have to register at local directories and listings to appear as search results. While blogging or guest blogging, add content marketing strategies will point out your location. Insert the names of places you operate in your content.

Search engines are all about delighting web users and providing adequate solutions. They are already making adjustments to satisfy web users who are using voice search. These are the five ways that web search is changing content marketing. You should also change your content marketing strategy to stay in the competition.