Influencer Marketing Online

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is- it is what consumers tell each other it is.”- Scott Cook

Digital landscape is shifting the marketing trends. Those who are not keeping up with the online trends, are just wasting ad money, losing customers and hampering their brand image.

Luckily, influencer marketing is here for a long time.

It is a boon for the marketing industry as the tactic is an amalgamation of creating authentic content, earning online credibility, and gaining exposure through influencer networking.

As long as an influencer has a good reputation online, genuine followers, and a grip over an engaging content, the brand has no need to worry about the online world. They only have to work for building a rock solid relationship with the influencer and leave room for the creative genius to make their followers brand enthusiasts.

According to Mediakix, 89% say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

Now, this is an insane conversational rate when it comes to online marketing. There are certain influential strategies that are taking over the internet. Some of them are discussed below with some examples. So, if you are an influencer in search of successful strategies for your social media handlers then you might like to have a look at these carefully.

5 Winning strategies an influencer must not overlook

#1 Identify your niche and get a content clarity

Imagine this: You are scrolling down your Instagram feed and you come across a beautiful travel experience shared by someone. You do have a proper look at the picture as your likeability matches to the clicked photo.

The audience will only stop at your feed if they relate to it.

Now, the next step after stopping and looking at the photo will be stalking that particular handle for similar and more such information on travel destinations & experiences.

What would happen if you open a profile which has family, friends, and other mix photos apart from travel ideas? You will most likely leave the page, right? That is what “relatability” means. You will gain a loyal follower on the basis of relevancy, which will come with consistent content display.

One has to focus on their niche i.e. specific topic and post content based on that particular segment. No one is searching or looking for vague photos and information online. Thus, if you are a passionate traveler, make sure your social media handle reflects your traveling ideology to lure the brands fitting into the similar arena.

#2 Consistent and experimental posting

Consistency is the key to win over the online audience. In the cluttered marketing tactics online, this is a winning strategy for influencer marketing. One has to show themselves upfront, again and again, in the potential customer’s eye.

After Covid-19 lockdown, brands have realized the importance of influencer marketing and the audience’s online inspiration. Thus, if you as an influencer want to collaborate with brands or want to highlight your own online existence have to be consistent with posting. There are many apps to help in scheduling multiple posts, as you will have to show yourself up every day to remain connected with your audience.

Instagram stories are one fine example to remain consistent. You have to put something on your feed which people can relate to. Prior to a shoot day, make a list of shots that you can place in your stories and talk about it to the audience. Such a beforehand work will make your life easy online.

#3 Mind your captions when posting a post

Captions are a great way to start a conversation with a potential audience. It is a perfect place to inspire people. Not kidding, this strategy is appreciated by the people. Look at the statistics by Fohr and Later’s recent study.

Some famous examples of influential captions are the social media handler of thebirdspapaya, officiallyquigley, who have written extraordinary content beneath the post to engage their followers on a daily basis.

One most important thing, an influencer has to keep in mind is eye-catching content. Long contents are not read fully if its first line is not interesting. Make sure you write an interesting tagline and call-to-action along with an easy & fun caption to read.

#4 Build your online community

Online communities are your mirror. They will speak the truth about your work through comments, DMs, and likes-dislikes. Building a loyal community is a task, but it does happen with time. Every influencer needs to stick to the app for at least 30 minutes after they post on their handle to see their audience activity and engage in the same.

Such active engagement will make your audience fond of you and will appreciate your efforts. When you receive DMs, respond to them and strike into a genuine conversation. This way you will win the audience’s heart as well as know them in a better way. Eventually, this will help in building a long-term relationship and a loyal community to bash your haters if any online. The strategy to make a community is for gaining a stable balance and maintaining a set amount of followers online which will make the desired collaborations possible for you influencers.

#5 Know everything about your audience

Knowing your audience will help you in every which way online. You will get clarity on points like:-

  • What to promote?
  • When to promote?
  • Which brands will collaborate with me?
  • What are the interests of your audience?

This will end a lot of your struggle online. You can strike a conversation with your audience or make an audience poll to know their likes-dislikes. Thus, this will help you capture the online market much more easily than the other influencers.


These are some of the winning strategy for influencer marketing which will help your influencers to be aligned with your audience and brands. Both will be satisfied with your online presence and you yourself will be clear with your strategies for online campaigns. Experience it for yourself and witness the success of your social media handle.