Macaron Boxes

Packaging is the basic elements associated with the products that add value to them and speaks about the brands. It is more essential to care about this aspect when it comes to the sweet meringue macarons that are the favorite of all foodies. Macaron boxes made of corrugated cardboard material are such a packaging solution that meets all the product needs. It protects them from getting harmed and enhances the brand’s reputation. Customizing them by die-cutting, embossing, foiling, gluing and scoring makes these delicious items stand out from products of rival brands. Similarly, printing technologies, finishes, and the utilization of some other safety measures also add value to them. 

The importance of macaron boxes is undeniable, but there are some misinterpreted myths about them. All such myths are just misconceptions, and there is no truth behind them. Following these myths can impact the growth rate of your business because of the low-quality packaging. Here are 6 common myths about them that are falsely associated with them and facts about them.

Unboxing is less Important

A common myth regarding the custom printed macaron boxes and other baked food items is neglecting the importance of unboxing for these items. This myth is wrongly interpreted, and reality is against it. In reality, this certain aspect matters most in the case of food items and specifically for the macarons. It is an aspect that determines that how much a brand is conscious about providing ease and the best buying experience to the customers. An innovative unboxing method makes it quite easy for the customers to take the macarons out even while driving a car. A quick opening and closing help people eating the macarons quickly during the tough schedules at work. Brands also benefit because if this aspect as people prefer products having such traits. 

Their Lead Time is Higher

A misconception that is wrong without any doubt is that custom macaron boxes wholesale actually take a lot of time to get manufacture. The reason behind the spread of this myth is apparently considering it impossible to create such a customized solution in a short time. However, it is possible in case of falling into the trap of inexperienced local manufacturers. The matter of fact is that it takes no additional time other than the fixed deadline on contacting the online packaging providers. They are equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies and knows about the strategies to bear the workload. These advanced technologies and their professional abilities result in meeting deadlines more quickly. Quickly getting at the low prices enable the brands to continue the supply in the market. 

Food lovers do not Care About Boxes

Saying that food lovers do not care about the packaging is totally unjustifiable. Some people say that a true food-savvy only cares about the eatables and not about the belongings. However, it is not right in this case. Custom macaron boxes in USA and other regions get designed in a way to inspires food lovers. The fact is that they get motivated to make a purchase on presenting them beautifully. Various customization techniques are given special consideration while manufacturing these boxes as they can lift the product aesthetics and brand reputation. They are embellished with special finishes like velvet lamination as they enhance the chances of customer engagement. Moreover, custom window panes are also incorporated rather than keeping them simple and plain. All these factors inspire the food lovers more and strengthen their belief in the brand as a quality-conscious entity. 

Considering Colors is not Vital

One might think that a packaging color has nothing to do with the sales volumes. But it has a direct relation with the overall sales volumes. Neglecting the importance of the colors selection in the case of macaron packaging boxes would be a negative point for these items as they will not leave any delightful feel on the customers. Every color has some meaning, and color selection has more importance in the case of food items. Delightful colors can enhance the chances of a possible product sale as it makes them irresistible to give sweet macrons a bite. Apart from selecting the catchy colors, also choose the appropriate colorway for consistency in the design. Following such tactics leads towards a sure success of the bakery business. 

Material Selection has no importance

This myth risk the success of your bakery business, and the reputation of the macarons are giving less attention to the selection of packaging materials. Some people think that this aspect has no value for the custom macaron boxes wholesale, but it is totally a misconception. Macarons are a fragile product, and selecting a sturdy material like cardboard is very important that could protect them from various influencing factors. They have threats from the physical, biological and environmental factors as well. Pressure applied over them can result in the damaged shapes. Similarly, environmental factors like humidity can cause fungus to these food items. Only the best material like cardboard is suitable to tackle such situations. Caring about the safety aspects by utilizing strong materials will raise the brand image. 

Packaging Design has no Value

Believing in this myth reduces the chances of getting noticed and creating a distinction from the rivals. Some less innovative brands and inexperienced packaging manufacturers have established an opinion that the design of the custom printed macaron boxes is just a formality. In fact, it is the basic identity of a brand through which customers can remember it. There are several important design elements that enhance the visibility of these items in the retail stores or at the bakeries. Brands should display their name, logo, slogans, and all such other details for maximum engagement. Moreover, utilize attractive infographics to make these items speak louder about their existence in the market places. An innovative design can make products fly off the shelves really quickly.

These were some common myths about the custom packaging boxes that can reduce the success chances. Neglecting these myths and taking the necessary steps regarding them will turn all of these aspects in favor of your business. A perfect packaging solution according to the latest market trends has the ability to win the trust of customers and getting more sales volumes.