on-demand movers app development

Planning to get into the most desirable on-demand service industry? Developing an Uber like app for moving services is the right solution for you. 

These days the on-demand apps are the immediate thing that people look for in order to get help to accomplish any tasks. Shifting to a place is not an easy task. The packing and moving of all the goods safely are very tiring and can end up being messy at last. Expert packers and movers can reduce all the efforts. Therefore get going with Uber for movers and packers app development and grab a vast user base right away. 

Uber is the pioneer of the on-demand service industry, which initially started with ride-hailing service. Upon gaining vast popularity, Uber also set their footprints in on-demand food delivery service. Apart from this, the versatility of the clone script of Uber allows you to build any kind of on-demand service apps. 

If you are an entrepreneur owning a packing and moving company, developing an on-demand moving app will allow you to elevate your business to new heights. It is also best for budding entrepreneurs planning to step into the on-demand service industry.

Let’s explore the six vital features that can make your on-demand moving app outstanding.

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Advanced search bar:

There are a number of service providers who are willing to provide their services through your app. Therefore make it easy for the users to search and find the right one. You can achieve this by providing an advanced search bar. There are various parameters such as proximity, years of experience, highest ratings, etc. Users can filter and choose a particular mover that fits all the parameters. 

Service Booking:

Provide your users a seamless booking experience. Upon choosing the right movers, the users can place their service requests. The service providers either accept or reject the request based on their availability. Once the service request is accepted, the users and the service providers can schedule an appointment at their convenient time. The in-app chat/call option allows the users to contact the service provider for further clarification.

Real-time tracking:

When a pizza is being tracked in real-time, why not the valuable belongings? The GPS navigation directs the service providers to the customer’s pickup location then to the destination. As the customers are moving all their valuable and important things, they might worry about safety. Thus eliminate their fear by providing a live tracking feature. The real-time tracking will allow the users to track the movement of their belongings right from the pickup point to the destination.

Fare calculator:

The fee may vary based on a variety of parameters such as type of vehicle, distance, the weight of goods, tariff, and other such aspects. Thus allow your users to estimate the approximate cost of the service by providing a fare calculator. This will allow the users to gain an understanding of the expenses and plan accordingly. This can attract a lot of users, as it eliminates any overpricing issues and provides an affordable solution.

Multi-payment gateways:

With the advancements in technology, there are various methods available to pay. Therefore provide your users with multiple payment options for them to choose their convenient method. Payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, in-app wallet, and COD are some of the most preferred payment methods amongst users.


Steps involved in on-demand movers and packers app development:

  • Do complete market research to understand the market needs. It is the first step to initiate any business. By knowing the requirements of the target niche, you can design the app with the essential features.
  • Followed by that, it is vital for you to have one clearly defined objective. It is important to decide what you want to give the audience through your app. 
  • Then you can consult a reliable app development company and get going with the on-demand movers app development process. Deploying a scalable app will allow you to expand your app as your business expands. 

Before getting started with the development process, it is vital to understand how the Uber for movers app works.

On-demand movers and packers app

Workflow of Uber like app for moving services:

Service Booking: After finding the right service providers, the users make their booking through the Uber for mover app to pack and move their belongings. During the booking process, the users provide all the details like name, contact number, pickup location, destination address, date, time, etc.

Packing: Upon successful service booking, the professional packers are sent to the user’s location. They pack all the belongings of the customer that they wish to pack. With expert packers, the valuable goods are packed with utmost care and safety.

Moving: Once the packing is done, the packers carefully shift the goods to the destination without any damage. Using the live tracking feature, the customers can keep an eye on the movement of the vehicle carrying their goods.

Delivery: Thus, the belongings of the users are delivered to the doorstep of the entered destination without causing any damage. Then they carefully unload the goods at the customer’s place successfully. 

Payment: Upon successful delivery of the goods, the users can securely pay the service fee through the app using the multiple payment options integrated with the app. 

Ratings and reviews: The users can rate the service provider and write a detailed review about the service rendered. It can be viewed by other users and help them to decide in choosing the service provider. And it also helps you to rectify your mistakes if you make any.

To wrap up, 

In this hectic lifestyle, relocating is a very tedious task. Choosing an expert packers and movers company is the only option to ease all the efforts. Thus grab this opportunity and fill the space by developing an Uber like app for moving services. This can potentially gain you vast popularity and flourish your business in no time.

 It is high time to get into the on-demand service industry. Therefore without having any doubts, get going with on-demand movers app development and make a fortune out of it in no time.