Traveling Tips for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, sometimes even the most common of things can pose difficult challenges. Traveling is one of those! There are many things to consider when you are traveling during pregnancy. For many moms-to-be, traveling and morning sickness do not mix, and since nausea can last the entire term for some women, travel might seem prohibitive. If you know how to plan, though, you will still be able to find ways to safely and comfortably hit the road, even with a baby on board.

#Plan in Advance

To really be comfortable while you are pregnant and traveling, you will have to plan. Since you are already aware that you need to make more trips to the restroom, plan some time into your driving trip, or reserve a seat on the plane near the bathroom. This will save you hassle when you need to empty your bladder.

#Check with Airlines

Did you know that some airlines will not let you fly after the 36th week? If you are planning to take a plane while pregnant, you will likely need to get a note from your doctor as to where you are in your term. Cruise ships also have similar restrictions, but the actual guidelines vary, so you will need to check with the ship itself or the cruise line before booking your trip.

#Get an Aisle or Window Seat

When you book your cabin for a cruise, look for one outside the ship, preferably with a balcony. This will enable you to get some fresh air which will help to combat any seasickness you might feel. On a plane, look for a seat at the front and on an aisle. This gives you the best spot for getting into and out of your seat. It is even better if your seat is near the restroom at the front of the plane so you don’t have to go as far to use the facility.

#Drink Plenty of Fluids

While you might think that cutting back on the water you drink to cut back on your bathroom visits is a good idea, it can actually lead to dehydration. Recycled air in airplanes and air-conditioned cars is notorious for making travelers thirsty. This can make you cranky and uncomfortable, and it is not good for your baby’s health either. So drink up. It will also be a good idea to have some low-sodium, healthy snacks with you. That way, you don’t have to rely on airline food or whatever you can find at a roadside gas station when hunger strikes.

#Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

To best endure the long periods of being seated, you should wear your most comfortable maternity clothes possible and dress in layers. That way, you can take each layer off if you get hot or add layers if you get cold.

For the bottom wear, you can consider wearing a pair of loose maternity pants designed for pregnant ladies, which you can easily take off without any hassle. You should also carry a small pillow to place in the small of your back for added support. That small addition will make a world of difference in how you feel while traveling.

#Have Fun

The biggest secret to traveling while pregnant, though, is to have fun. Think about the new and exciting places you are visiting and the sights you will see along the way. You might even think about starting a scrapbook of your baby’s first trip.