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How to ace up your swimming skills this summer? Getting better as a swimmer takes hard work and hours of fun in the pool. Watching online YouTube videos or hiring a professional coach can get you started. You can even team up with your swimming buddies. Before that, learn the basic swimming know-how to become a pro swimmer.

Explore your options with an adult towel poncho wear to make your swimming experience a delightful one. Follow these common tips and tricks to make you fall in love with swimming this summer.

  1. Keep Your Elbow High

Follow a high-elbow position at the start of each arm stroke while swimming crawl. Bend it and bring it outward to let your forearm follow a vertical position. Your palm and forearm then go back to push back against the water with efficiency. 

  1. Go For A Neutral Head Position

Avoid looking downwards when you are swimming freestyle. That’s because it causes your legs and hips to sink in pool water. Thus, you need to kick harder to keep your legs afloat which will get you tired easily. For sure, you will run out of breath in the next few strides.

Instead, aim to keep your head aligned with the rest of your body facing the bottom of the pool. This will help you generate more force to swim seamlessly. 

  1. Do Not Raise Your Head To Breathe

For sure, you would want to lift your head above water to breathe as much oxygen as you could. Stop doing that as it will disturb your balance while swimming. It will drop your legs and hips, forcing you to push harder to stay on top.

Instead, roll to the side and spin your head a bit to let the water come out of your mouth. This will make you feel like resting on the water’s surface while giving you a chance to breathe. TBH, you should have one eye above and one eye below the water surface to breathe comfortably. But, it takes time and practice to get familiar with it.

  1. Roll On Your Sides

Try swimming from side to side to gain extra power while crawling. This will help you gather extra force from the larger back muscles along with the shoulder muscles. Enjoy the extra push for each of your arm strokes by maintaining this swimming posture.

  1. Exhale In The Water

You will run out of breath while inhaling and exhaling with your mouth above the water. All credit goes to the short time frame.

You need to exhale regularly to develop a freestyle stroke while swimming. But, how to exhale while being underwater? All you need to do is just turn around a bit underwater to exhale and then inhale to swim forward. Exhaling regularly will keep you more relaxed, helping you swim better.

  1. Don’t Go Too Far With Your Recovery Arm

Avoid extending your arm all the way forward as it will cause more trouble for you. It is a terrible idea for beginners because:

  • It will create an unnecessary disturbance in the water and extra drag for swimmers. 
  • It may impact your shoulder muscles and even cause tendon inflammation.

It’s better to slide your arm underwater half the distance of what you would do with a fully extended arm. This will keep you energized and give a stable swimming posture.

Following these tips can enhance your swimming skills within a few days of practice. All you need is the right mindset with a better approach to make swimming a fun task. Get the best adult towel poncho wear with us to enjoy comfortable swimming.