Any wise businessperson knows better than to run a business without an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system. It’s one of the fastest, simple, and secure online payment platforms today. In simple terms, this is a technology that allows you to complete transactions and accept all types of card payments and digital wallets.

EPOS systems are flexible in that they can operate on multiple devices, including a handheld hardware device, laptop, or smartphone. They also facilitate mobile payments. 

All businesses need an EPOS system for convenience and efficiency. There are several types of EPOS products that include: 

  • Mobile card machines
  • Countertop card machines
  • Pay by Link
  • Portable card machines
  • Phone payments
  • Integrated payments

EPOS systems are of different types; not all will work for your business. Take your time to research and understand how the system works to find the right one. If you are doing this for the first time, it can be a challenging task. But if you have the right set of information, eventually, you will learn how to do it perfectly.

There are so many things to learn about EPOS systems, and it’s impossible to exhaust the topic. So, this article will highlight seven such prominent features. Let’s take a look. 

EPOS systems are not as costly as you think

A few years ago, you would have to invest significant capital only to purchase a cash register. Even though the pricing reduced over time, the good news for businesses is that there are numerous EPOS alternatives available. Moreover, the cost of using EPOS products and systems varies from one company to another depending on the size, nature, and expected turnover.

Do not require high maintenance.

It’s not uncommon for EPOS online payment platforms to face operational issues. But even if the products are facing any problem, your EPOS provider will take care of them. A few providers use stellar maintenance policies in fixing the issue within 24 hours. Furthermore, EPOS providers also help in installing essential software updates. 

Help streamline business operations.

Managing a business is not easy. For instance, three areas crucial for achieving operational efficiency are: 

  • Stock management
  • Reporting
  • Employee management

Any inaccuracies and discrepancies in these domains can severely impact your business. But an EPOS system can assist in maintaining such areas. 

Allow remote access

You cannot always be physically present at the workplace. Sometimes you will have to travel to a different location, tending to other important agendas. So, how will you know what’s going on in your business? A cloud-based EPOS system allows you to log in and access information from anywhere and whenever you want. 


Every business is unique, which means the payment systems may vary. An EPOS system allows you to make your specific adjustments and customise the settings according to your business needs.

Improve customer satisfaction

When it comes to running a successful business, it’s never about you or what you fancy. It’s all about your customers. Give them what they want. If it’s the ICICI debit card EMI eligibility or no-cost EMI alternatives, it is best to provide such flexibility. Such an approach allows you to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Final thoughts

Implementing an EPOS system can help you achieve business success. It saves you time, money, and energy and helps in boosting productivity, sales, and profits.