OTT Platform Features

If you are in the business of video content creation, you must have heard about the OTT platforms that are disrupting the entertainment and media industry. Given the growing popularity and adoption of OTT video streaming, the competition is also on the rise as everyone is trying to bank on this growth. The need of the hour to survive in this competitive landscape is to deliver a phenomenal user experience by providing a feature intensive-platform to your users. When your platform is user-centric and provides a good user experience, you are more likely to gain new subscribers and retain existing ones.

Must-have OTT Features for an Exceptional User Experience

OTT media streaming is the go-to option for viewers to watch their preferred content. Some of the mainstream features that can help you provide an excellent user experience to viewers include the following.

1. Easy to use interface

One of the most important features to keep in mind while designing OTT apps is an easy user interface. Your OTT platform should not feel like a challenge to users visiting your portal. It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate to provide a good user experience. OTT giants like Netflix provide an easy-to-use interface and they also have a search box to help users seamlessly find relevant content. User interface entails everything that your users interact with while visiting your online platform. From your OTT application’s button to its menu and layout, it covers it all.

2. Searchability

A good OTT platform must offer an easy-to-use search bar that can help users to find and watch the content of their liking without scratching their heads. OTT providers usually have a plethora of content that are segregated based on geography, genre, language, etc. You should always keep a search bar to improve navigation and content accessibility for the viewers.

3. All device availability

While creating an OTT streaming app, you must research your target audience and know what kind of devices they use to view content online. The best approach is to create an OTT platform that can be easily accessed through all devices. It should support a wide range of devices including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, smart TVs, etc. A mobile-first strategy will help you capture more OTT subscribers.

4. Ad-free experience

Have you ever experienced an irksome moment while watching video content on YouTube? Well, that’s how your users might feel when they are made to watch advertisements that they might not be interested in. You should always try to deliver an ad-free experience to your users. Delivering an ad-free experience is one of the best OTT app features that you can offer.

5. Offline mode

Internet penetration is growing exponentially and covers vast geography. This helps to deliver an uninterrupted viewing experience to your users. However, it is equally important to give them an option to access content offline in case they are travelling to remote geography that doesn’t have a rich internet infrastructure.

6. Content recommendation system

Did you know that Netflix’s AI recommendation engine is responsible for over 80% of the viewing time? Having a powerful content recommendation system will help you gain a loyal audience base and keep them glued to the screen for long hours. A large majority of people have little to no idea as to what they might like. This is where the content & menu recommendation systems work wonders.

7. Download digital content feature  

You will be surprised to learn that over 40% of users rank the ability to download digital content as a crucial factor in their decision-making process. Downloading digital content can help users stream it even when they are not connected to the internet. It also helps them to share the same with their friends and family.


These were some of the most important features that you must include while creating your own OTT platform app. You should always opt for a reliable OTT platform provider who is experienced in creating OTT solutions to leverage the latest features and technologies in the market. It will help to improve your user interface and deliver an exceptional streaming experience to the viewers.