Have you ever imagined what will be the feeling when you visit Havana? What are your expectations for a memorable Cuban journey? If you are having big plans on your mind, then why not make them real? The capital city of Cuba is waiting for you, guys!!

There is much more for you to do in Havana; like you can appreciate arts at the Museum of Decorative Arts and the National Museum of Fine Arts, or admire its baroque facades and colorful houses, everything in just one country or rather we can say in just one city of Havana.

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The Malecon

Enjoy the best views of the Caribbean Sea through this seafront that served as a border for Havana. The spot is one of the favorite tourist gathering sites that gives entirely wonderful displays of the sunset and the sundown, illuminating the glossy architecture of the city.

The famous seafront boulevard runs about seven kilometers from Old Havana to Vedado, overlooking the beautiful collection of amazing 20th-century buildings.

Old Havana (Habana Vieja)

Outstanding neoclassical and Baroque-styled buildings that will bless your sightseeing purposes in the old city of Havana. Rich in culture and amazing historical facts, Old Havana or Habana Vieja will enthrall you through its cobbled squares and narrow streets.

The site is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, showcases some of its most popular squares: Plaza Vieja and Plaza de Armas. Other attractions include the magnificent Cathedral de San Cristobal and the stout military fortress, Castillo de la Real Fuerza.

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana

A marvelous 18th-century fortress complex, the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, colloquially known as La Cabaña, sits atop the La Cabana Hill. know about the Spanish history connected with this fort complex and why they used it as a military prison!!

Not only this, you will get to visit the housed museum in the Fort complex too. The most impressive Museo de Comandancia del Che has preserved some personal legacies of Che Guevara and also his private office.

National Capitol Building (El Capitolio)

A somewhat copy of the White House of Washington D.C., the National Capitol Building of Cuba always thrills its visitors with astonishments and unexpected thoughts. The beautiful skyline of El Capitolio is inspired by Pantheon in Paris.

Visitors get a thorough tour inside the building for a very small fee. For their convenience in their preferred language, they are provided with headsets. The guide will take you to grand hallways, beautiful inlaid marble floors, and the massive dome.

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Paseo del Prado

The Paseo del Prado of Habana is a kind of small town in itself… Visitors can find a variety of elegant old mansions, houses, cinemas, and hotels, just to relax or to stay for a whole day.

Doing a strolled journey across the streets of Havana, don’t forget to take a look at some of the old architectures of Paseo del Prado street!! You can take snaps or selfies at this wonderful location in the city. So, guys! Ask out your loved ones and take their suggestion for a memorable tour to Havana.


A heavy call for art lovers!! Come here in Havana and get an amazing opportunity to see some stunning kaleidoscopic display of mosaics, sculptures, and paintings, created by Local painter and sculptor José Fuster.

Known affectionately by the name of “Picasso of the Caribbean,” Fuster will try to convince you completely with his masterpieces dipped in a color palette of wonderful artistry.

Hey folks! Are you excited not? If not, then hurry up guys!! The charming city of Havana is waiting for you to live in it. Remember, Camilla Cabello too said, “Half of my heart is in Havana” in her hit song ‘Havana’.

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