International School

To select the best school for your kid, the parents need to understand the examination boards. The examination boards form the basis for the curriculum & this curriculum develops the syllabus, courses & extracurricular activities in the school. Among the different examination boards, like the CBSE, ICSE & state boards, a fairly new curriculum is emerging as the best. This new curriculum is the IGCSE Board. IGCSE Board is the abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a certified examination by the University of Cambridge. The top schools in Pune now are preferred to be called Top IGCSE Schools in Pune. The IGCSE curriculum provides the best combination of academic studies & extracurricular activities. This curriculum may seem like the CBSE examination board curriculum. But the major feature of the IGCSE curriculum is yet to be mentioned. The top IGCSE School in Pune offers the choice of subject as per the IGCSE Curriculum. These options or subjects are recognized internationally & play a significant role in credit assessment.

The following will inform you about the important characteristics of a good ICSE School

  1. A balanced curriculum- The perfect approach towards the development of the students is the balanced curriculum which emphasizes the attention equally on the academic front and the extracurricular activities. The top IGCSE School in Pune helps your children use their abilities by promoting their studies and activities. The Crimson Anisha Global School is the best IGCSE School in Pune that focuses on the complete development of children.
  • Advanced subjects & technology- The best IGCSE schools provide opportunities to learn about cutting-edge technologies & subjects. In the best schools like Crimson Anisha Global School, these subjects include robotics, Artificial intelligence, electronics, I-Farms, Design, Animation, Games & performing arts.
  • Extracurricular activities- The extracurricular activities promote good characteristics in a child & thus are a must for the development of a student.
  • Emphasis on Holistic development approach- The amenities like extracurricular activities and opportunities to study subjects like advanced technologies, without fail, encourage the holistic development of any student. The International affiliation also helps the students in realizing the biggest opportunities, thereby revealing their best versions.
  • The best Faculty- The best schools always hire the best possible faculty because they are concerned for the children. The best faculties provide the best learning environment to the students. The faculty not only promotes the learning environment but also develops a sense of safety and encouragement in the students.  
  • Campus- In the best and safest vicinity of Pune, the students can learn & grow in a sound environment. Know more about the campus, visit the website.
  • Choice of subjects- The IGCSE curriculum will help in developing a selection mindset among the students by providing a choice for IGCSE subjects. Students will learn to choose the subject as per their interests.


The Cambridge Curriculum & the international recognition of the courses give it the status of Top IGCSE School and wide recognition among the parental society. Enroll your kids now.