8 Alternative Search Engines to Google

When we hear about search engines immediately our thoughts go to Google, the most used in the world. On Google we carry out all the searches for which we want answers. We are looking for products, exploring services, booking flights, translating texts, making calculations, checking currency exchanges and so on.

But do you know that – besides Big G – there are other important and useful engines that you can use to carry out your searches for led indoor manufacturers on the Web?

Here I suggest the main alternative search engines to Google – and to Google Image.

8 alternative search engines to Google

Here are 8 main alternative search engines to Google that you can use to answer your questions. Some are known, others a little less, but they are all worth trying to get a different point of view.

1. YouTube

After Google, YouTube is now the second most used search engine in the world. The Social Network dedicated to videos indexes content capable of answering all your questions thanks to videos created and posted by users.

Here you can find information, tutorials, previews, news, reviews, guides and everything you want. And again, you can explore the trends of the moment, you can subscribe to the channels you like most so you don’t miss an update and you can organize your videos in Collections and Playlists.

2. Bing

Bing is the search engine with which Microsoft has tried to compete with Google. Although it is the default search engine on all Windows operating systems, Bing has never managed to get Big G. into trouble.

What is special about it? It offers you a very attractive and engaging visual experience, thanks to the backgrounds that change from day to day. Furthermore, Bing is also excellent for searches of videos of interest, which are presented to you with a usable and intuitive preview in the appropriate Video section.

3. Yahoo!

Did you know that Yahoo! is it even older than Google? Since 2014, it has also been the default search engine on Firefox and over time has integrated other important features with the aim of offering the user a useful and complete experience and search results that return huge amounts of information and results.

I mean:

Yahoo Answers, the free service that allows you to send questions and receive answers on any topic. This is then divided into related categories;

Flickr, to search for images and photos,

Yahoo Finance, which returns financial news, data, stock quotes, press releases and financial reports. In addition to this original content, Yahoo Finance also offers you some online tools with which you can manage your personal finances. 

4. Ask

Originally known as Ask Jeeves, it is a particularly user-friendly search engine based on the question-answer formula. For this reason, it can be useful for users less accustomed to the Web and search engines.

Among the results it also returns the most frequently asked questions about that specific topic. Ask also offers general search features, but they’re not as accurate and punctual as Google’s.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the ideal search engine for privacy lovers. While browsing on DuckDuckGo, neither your personal information nor your searches nor your browsing bhavior is monitored.

The interface is also very simple and the engine returns optimized results for the user. Also very appreciated is its infinite scrolling mode, without having to change pages to view other results.

6. Baidu

Baidu is the best known and most used search engine in China. Made in Mandarin, Baidu is actually very similar to Google both in design and in the way it returns search results, including rich snippets.

Like Google, Baidu also monetizes with sponsored ads.

7. Ecosia

In a socio-cultural moment in which the environment and its protection have great visibility and attention, there is also a search engine capable of enhancing environmental sustainability.

Ecosia is an ecological search engine. Do you know why? For every research you do – and is returned through Bing – you generate an entrance to your tree planting program. Roughly 45 searches are needed to plant a tree.

8. Internet Archive

A really useful and attractive search engine is the Internet Archive. Do you know what you can do once you land here? You can search through Internet archives, you can track the history of a domain and you can find out how a website was viewed in the past.

The alternative search engines to Google

And did you know the other search engines I told you about? Do you use some of these besides Google?