It is very common to wake up to a leak from water pipes or taps at your house and call for plumbers to fix these. However, a majority of the population still do not have the plumbing tools to fix these and other issues during times of an emergency. Vista plumbing issues are one of the most common one in every household as the water pipes and taps cover our kitchens, washrooms and gardens too, assisting us while we go about our daily chores.

However, as important as they are to our daily routines, many households do not have the necessary plumbing tools at their disposal to fix or repair leaks in case of any plumbing issue like this. These households are heavily dependent on the plumbers to do these tasks and suffer in their absence. This issue also arises because the tools needed for plumbing are hard to find and most of the time, the people cannot gain access to these, thus leading to them being unaware of the tools needed and the knowledge about the fixing of leaks and damages. Even if people do get these tools and try their hands trying to learn plumbing, they fail a majority of the time aggravating the problems even more.

However, it is high time that households learn about the tools that are required for plumbing, even more so in the present time wherein people do not want to risk calling people outside their social bubbles for fear of exposing themselves to the virus. Therefore, the knowledge about the plumbing tools is a necessity to prepare for unanticipated circumstances such as these. These tools may not help you become or work like a professional, but are enough for minor inconveniences that occur at your home.

1.      Tubing Cutter:

Many households have some copper and metal lines that run around the boundaries of their house, thus sometimes making it impossible to reach these places even with the help of a hacksaw. This tool looks like the apex of a common pipe and consists of a claw that has small blades too. It has a thread lock that can be used to open or close the opening of the pipe. These are available in a range of sizes depending on the tasks you need it for. The bigger sizes are used as a replacement for hacksaw. However, a small tubing cutter is suitable for the households to be used in smaller places to make cuts with the tubing remaining fitted.

2.      Toilet Plunger:

This is a necessity in houses where there is regular clogging in the washbasins and the toilets. These help in cleaning up the clogged places. These too come in different varieties depending on whether you want to use them to clean a washbasin or a toilet. The flange plunger is popular for cleaning the toilet as it has a shape favorable for the task with a handle at the back and the rubber plunger at the front. The rubber tube at the front uses suction to unclog the toilets when pushed down the toilet.

3.      Snake:

When the toilet plunger with the rubber plunger is not enough and does not work on the clogged drain, this tool comes in. This device, also referred to as the auger, consists of a metal wire that has been shaped like a circle and is covered by a plastic or metal enclosure. The handle on one side can be used to unhinge the metal wire and release it to unclog the toilet or sink. The wire, when released, moves down into the drain in a circular motion, thus gathering the clogged material, even those that are stuck on the sides.

4.      Basin Wrench:

As the name suggests, this Plumbing Service Vista tool is used to work on a basin, especially in places like kitchens. While working on fixing the basins situated in the kitchen, the plumbing tools have to be used under the sink and this could be troublesome for inexperienced people. This wrench helps unhinge the tiny nuts and bolts that are fixed in the sinks, which are difficult to unscrew in general. This is possible because of the head of this wrench that can move around its circular axis.

5.      Teflon Tape:

There are points where two pipes have been joined or there are tube fittings and these points could be a definite reason for leakages. Therefore, these tapes are one of the most important plumbing tools as they seal these joints and fittings. The rolls on these tapes have already been cut to definite lengths according to the size of the tube fittings. These Teflon tapes, once wrapped around the pipe joints and the tube fittings, create a very tight seal on these points. Teflon tapes can also be used to fix minor leakages by covering them with the tape to create a tight seal.

6.      Adjustable Wrench:

A basin wrench that has been mentioned above is not always the best tool for beginners or amateurs. Therefore the adjustable wrench is a better Vista plumbing tool as far as ease and convenience go. This wrench is used for screws that can be easily unbolted without any trouble. An adjustable wrench is an easy alternative to acquiring a whole set of wrenches. This is because the user does not have to keep picking out different wrench sizes figuring out which one is the best. This wrench can be adjusted to the size the user wants it to be.

7.      Pliers:

Simply known as pliers, this plumbing tool is also known as tongue and groove pliers and this tool comes as a replacement to all the wrenches that are used while plumbing. This tool can help the user with the nuts and screws at their home without the need to pull out any of their wrenches. Pliers are used not only for Vista plumbing but for other repairs at home as well. Wrenches do not have flexible openings but pliers can be opened and closed to get the definite size of different nuts.

8.      Hacksaw:

This particular tool, as its name suggests, is a saw, specifically a handsaw. This is used for cutting pipes, nuts and other materials used while plumbing. The hacksaw represents a rectangular tool wherein the blade does not come out straight from the handle but is suspended. The blades on this tool can also be removed if need be. It is recommended that the user keeps another blade handy in case the one that has been put to use currently is not easy to work with.

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