motorcade protective services

Normally when celebrities or senior government officials like a foreign leader, and other high-profile VIPs visit the country, a diplomatic protocol is required. For that, the motorcade is assigned with an administrative security driver.

What is a Motorcade?

A motorcade is the parade or procession of vehicles that typically carries and escorts prominent people. The group of vehicles transport celebrities and high-profile VIPs.  The purpose of the motorcade is to protect high-profile VIPs. The motorcade travels swiftly and does not have to stop at any point along the way.

The number of vehicles in the motorcade can vary. For the president, the motorcade may consist of 40 to 50 vehicles. while, for non-presidential possession, the number of vehicles is usually 4 to 8 if they are not part of a military convoy.

The structure of the motorcade represents the unique nature of the attendants as well as its specific needs. However, if any vehicle is extra, it should be excluded.

All the vehicles should perform efficiently and meet the same performance standards. All the aspects of the vehicle, including windows, doors, door panels, and undercarriage, should be in best working condition to ensure that the VIP stays protected from all potential threats.

After being dropped off, the motorcade should keep running until the VIP is dropped to a safe venue. All the vehicles are protected and checked to avoid any hazard and stay protected from all threats.

Motorcade escorts are permissible in a variety of situations. Many people hire motorcade escort for various reasons, including marathons, funerals, parades and executive protection.

Each of the services is different, but the major role is to provide safety and control safety. Motorcade protective services are also provided for the funerals. Every funeral procession requires a motorcade.

Types of Vehicles Used in Motorcade

Here are the types of vehicles used in the motorcade and the duties assigned to the security driver

  • Point Car

The role of the point car driver is to ensure that the road remains clear from any distraction. The point car drives ahead of the main convoy so that if the route is not suitable, the vehicle can switch to an alternative route without stopping or slowing down. If there is any obstruction, the driver in the point car notifies the convoy commander, and the commander then provides a new set of instructions.

  • Lead Car

The role of the lead car driver is to maintain the speed of the convoy and its position and follow all the instructions relayed by the convoy commander.

They need to watch and assess the situation ahead and judge the distance and speed. They need to drive while maintaining a clear area around the motorcade for all the vehicles to move as one. 

The driver needs to stay alert technically to avoid any type of hazard or risk.

  • The Principal Vehicle

The driver in this vehicle follows the instructions of the lead car and maintains proper distance and speed to make sure that the convoy remains sterile.

The security driver of the principal vehicle must have the highest defensive driving skills in case of any incidents. They should provide the smoothest ride to the VIP riding in the car with them.

An army security driver also travels in the principal vehicle along with the other occupants. Their role is to protect the VIP, they stay alert and ready to use firearms if required. They transfer the person to the alternative vehicle if the one they are in gets immobilized.

The driver must stay active, should drive defensively and respond abruptly using various tactics and strategies. Because the first priority is that the principal vehicle stays protected at all cost.

Funeral Motorcade

Many companies provide funeral motorcade services to people. Many people ask for a funeral escort to avoid any hitch in such a sad event. The team of motorcade protective services understands traffic controls and knows how to keep guests of funerals safe and sound on the road.

The funeral escort is executed from beginning to end and provides the clients with a stress-free day for the transportation portion of the day. The motorcade escort in this emotional life event can be valuable, and many families hire this service for the guests.

The funeral escort vehicles have a legal status above ordinary vehicles, and they use them to cross the traffic at the intersection so the funeral procession can pass through unbroken. If you hire a good motorcade company, you will get patrol vehicles for you and your guests. The team of motorcade service protects your guests and ensures their safe arrival from one place to another. The funeral day is filled with emotions for the family, and the last thing they want is to worry about the safety of their guests while traveling.