Hip Hop, also known as rap music in generic terms, is most popular among youngsters for its lively beats and music. They were founded in the 1970s in New York, USA. Many of us can’t differentiate between hip-hop music and rap music. Hip hop is the amalgamation of rhythmic beats and lyrics, while rap is a part of hip-hop music. The founding base of hip hop is beatboxing, graff, deejaying, breakin, and emceeing. Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is popularly known as BHF. 


For the first time, hip hop music was invented and sung in the Bronx, New York by the Afro Americans with the considerable influence of Latin Americans. DJ KoolHerc used to play hip hop beats in this father’s band, and later in 1973, DJ KoolHerc teamed up with the Coke La Rock to give moments the lyrics and produced the first-ever hip hop music. In Brooklyn Community News, hip hop music became the news of the town and gained popularity, and ever since, it became has a rock-‘n’-roll of the school and after-parties, roadshows, neighborhood block parties, etc. 

Mercenary or Commercialization

In the early to mid-1980s, the hip-hop industry wasn’t popular back then. In the late 1980s, local artists used to perform in the underground streets and unconstructed buildings for the local gangsters, and that’s why it is also being named gangsta music. The original popularity base was formed by the local whites, who didn’t care about racism. In the year 2005, the music festival gained immense popularity. Since Brooklyn Hip Hop News, the annual music festival has got the world’s attention and became the 2nd most favored music fest among New Yorkers. In this year 2021, the hip hop festival will happen in July, and it has been saying that many world-class artists are going to perform in the annual music festival. 


As the music has African genesis, back then, the music was seen as a gateway of emotions used for the Afro-Americans. It used to be inspired by actual life events and is regarded as the primary strength to express their pain, racism and talk about the rights and emotions of afro Americans and Latin Americans through art. But now, the music is more about portraying art and feelings but in a positive sense. Along with singing, the artists also perform rehearsed dances, and also the local artisans got admiration not only locally but also in international magazines and newspapers. 


Since the music is also referred to as gangsta music, many people got inspired by their dressing as well —funky and warned-out t-shirts, side caps, loose pants, piercing, tattoos, and more. But the style got evolved year after year. Due to the increasing admiration, 


The hip hop music has evolved from the stereotypical image, and more participation of women in hip hop music is being encouraged globally. Nowadays, it’s all about music, inspiring new artists, and learning contemporary art, enjoying and making money.