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Spices are amazing and once you know their potential, you surely are going to embrace them with both your hands. You can easily come across amazing spices that would not just add up to your taste but also ensure better health for you.

And if you feel that you have no idea where to get the spices from then you can check out Kerala spices Online for the best purchase. Here are some of the amazing spices that you must definitely add up in your daily life. 


The oily ingredient of this aromatic spice is quite high in cinnamaldehyde, a compound scientist believe is responsible for most of cinnamon’s robust effects on health and metabolism. A study that compared twenty-six spices placed cinnamon at the top for its rich number of antioxidants, surpassing garlic and even that of oregano. It has anti -inflammatory properties that could prevent the formation of free radicals that harm your cells and nervous system, and even help to reduce cholesterol levels.


Ground cardamom is mostly used to give tea, curries and rice a rich flavour boost. A tiny pinch or amount is often used, as too much of it will overpower milder and flavour in your dish. This flavourful spice is full of health benefits and has been extensively used in traditional medicine for centuries. Some evidence even display that this herb has antioxidant properties and has the capability to produce compounds that could help fight cancer cells. You would love the flavour and it will simultaneously work for your health.


It has long been used in conventional medicine and is a really rich source of iron. It is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to showcase anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some researchers have demonstrated that cumin can even help in digestion and help in reducing food-borne infections. Some research even suggests that cumin powder, when you add it to a low-calorie diet, may assist with weight loss.


The plant’s seeds and leaves of this coriander are often featured in Indian cooking as both spice and garnish and is a main element in garam masala (a mix of ground spices). You know what this type of superfood claims to have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, and is popular to help lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and even that of cholesterol levels. You can make any type of dish tastier and really rich once you add up this coriander to it. After all, it is really rich and flavourful.


Research has shown that ginger possesses hundreds of compounds and metabolites (a substance essential for metabolism), some of which could contribute to health and healing.  It has long been linked to reducing nausea, pain and even that of inflammation, and is known to augment digestion of food.

Ginger is a necessary ingredient in Indian cuisine and can be discovered in dishes such as chickpea stew, aloo gobi and so on. You can really find this spice doing wonders to your dishes both in terms of taste and health.


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