jewelry box

I have learned that you shouldn’t consider the purchase of jewelry boxes a one-time purchase unless you are a collector like myself. There are very few people who are forced to purchase jewelry boxes on a regular basis unless they want to. There is a possibility, however, if you do not consider some important factors before purchasing the jewelry box, that you will not get the right jewelry box and may need to buy another one before your current jewelry box is able to be repaired or replaced. These are some factors that you should consider before buying any product.

Size of the jewelry box-

Regardless of whether or not you have jewelry, a jewelry box is necessary. As a result, you’ll need a jewelry box for the rest of your life unless you decide to get rid of all your jewelry and live without it. Take the following into consideration before making your next purchase. If you want your next jewelry box to last for the rest of your life, then it needs to be large enough to accommodate both your existing collection and any jewelry you add in the future. Having a rough idea of how many extra earrings, rings, or necklaces you will be purchasing and receiving each year while estimating how many years you will likely be alive can help you determine how large your new jewelry box will need to be to accommodate all of this jewelry. In the future, you might need to upgrade your existing jewelry box with a larger one or consider getting more than one box to accommodate your collection if you don’t take the exercise seriously.

Construction & Craftsmanship:

It has long been said that you get what you pay for. It is likely you will need to replace your jewelry box in due course if you purchase a cheap one. If you care for it properly, you can buy a quality box for a bit more money and it will almost certainly last a lifetime. Study the quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry box you are considering. Are some parts glued together and some parts constructed with stronger methods? What kind of brass does the hardware have on it? Is it an actual brass or a fake brass that would tarnish quickly? Have you secured the lining neatly and well? Make sure you look carefully at these things and consider spending a little more on a quality box. It is not necessary to spend a lot on jewelry boxes to be quality; however, they will not be the cheapest on the market. An exquisite jewelry box made with quality materials could cost $150 – $300 for a larger box or even more, depending on its size.

Color, Style & Design:

Although it may seem like a simple concept, it cannot be overstated: If you do not purchase something that you like, matches your personality, and fits in with your decor, then you will not be satisfied with your purchase and will end up wanting something new. Take some time now to think about what style of jewelry box you desire before you buy one. The most demanding jewelry box is the Tiffany Jewelry Box Would you like something that looks vintage, like a Victorian-style box, or would you like something more contemporary and modern? Do you want something ornate with a lot of intricate woodwork or are you looking for something simple, clean, and minimalist?

The color of your design is always an important factor, and you should also consider this. Are you looking for something that is painted with bright colors and/or has a design or do you want a wooden jewelry box that matches your bedroom furniture? By pre-planning your search, you can narrow down the choices and simultaneously be sure that you will find something you will enjoy and not be pushed to replace your purchase as soon as you receive it. In deciding what jewelry box to buy, make sure you think about what you want and don’t buy it on impulse. Jewelry boxes become an integral part of your bedroom decor, so don’t buy only what you like.

Consider the Lining:

Jewelry boxes are meant to organize and protect your jewelry, but without the proper lining, you may be unable to offer the level of protection to your jewelry that you intended. The linings that you should be looking for include suede, faux suede, and felt. Additionally, if you have a lot of silver jewelry that is prone to tarnishing you may want to consider a tarnish-resistant lining. When considering a tarnish-resistant lining try to avoid ones that are chemically treated as the chemicals could ultimately end up on your jewelry and subsequently on your skin. Anti-tarnish linings that employ specks of silver to collect the sulfur naturally given off by silver jewelry which causes tarnishing are best. Additionally, try to avoid silk, it is too slippery and will allow your jewelry to slide around or velvet as it will dent easily and small fibers from the velvet will eventually wear off and collect in the crevices of your jewelry.

The purpose of jewelry boxes goes beyond serving as a functional component, but also as a decorative item. You will find a lot more happiness and long-lasting items if you give your next purchase a little thought. Carefully chosen, a jewelry box can become an integral part of your home decor while also serving to protect and organize your jewelry collection and ultimately could become the next family heirloom.