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A men’s shirt is one of the most important wardrobe items. The main criterion for the quality of men’s shirts is the material used for their manufacture. It’s the quality of the fabric that determines the appearance of the product, its elegance and its style. Of course, besides the fabric, there are also cut features, accessories, fit, but it’s the fabric for shirts that determines their specifics and makes these things comfortable to wear.

Currently, the main materials for the tailor store of men’s shirts are cotton fabrics, as well as fabrics from synthetic staple and complex fibres. So, how do you choose the shirt fabric for men?

Let’s find out!

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How to Choose the Shirt Fabrics for Men?

  • Cotton
  • Oxford Fabric
  • Poplin
  • Cotton Twill
  • Herringbone
  • Silk

How to Choose the Right Fabric Of Shirt!


How to Choose the Shirt Fabrics for Men?


Cotton is the ideal fabric for shirts. Today, most men’s shirts are made from cotton. It’s a more durable fabric than all others. This material is easy to wash and doesn’t require any additional maintenance. In addition, cotton has an ideal combination of price and quality.

Currently, the highest quality cotton is produced in North America and Egypt. Here varieties such as Louisiana, Mako, Sea-Island, and others are produced. At the same time, most of the shirts on the world market are made from cheaper varieties of short-haired cotton produced in Central Asia and India. The length of cotton fibres can range from 16 to 44 mm. For modern men’s shirts, both pure 100% cotton and various synthetic impurities can be used.

Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric is one of the harshest fabrics in men’s shirts. Therefore, it’s mainly used for creating casual models. Shirts made from this fabric will be an excellent option for informal events. Today, there are varieties of this material that can be used for sewing solid business clothes like special and royal oxford.

Special Oxford is made from higher-quality fibres, which makes the shirts softer. A distinctive feature of this type of fabric is the relief structure. Royal is an even smoother material made from the highest quality fibres. Today, men’s shirts from royal oxford with original buttons on the collar are in fashion.


Poplin material is smoother than oxford for the same material density. Poplin has a unique pattern in the form of a small transverse rib. This fabric is the most versatile and is therefore often used for making casual shirts. Most modern men’s shirts are made from this material. Due to its unique structure, products made from this cotton fabric are easy to wash and iron.

Cotton Twill

Twill is a cotton material that belongs to twill fabric. It’s quite popular due to its rich-looking diagonal structure. This fabric can be made in two versions with the formation of diagonals or with alternating diagonals at certain intervals. Striped twill shirts look very nice as the pattern on them looks more voluminous. Cotton twill is perfect for business shirts both plain and striped.


Herringbone is a twill cut fabric that is more dense and resistant to dirt. However, cleaning such a fabric is somewhat more difficult than regular cotton. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a V-shaped pattern, which is obtained by alternating different directions of twill weaving. On closer inspection, this fabric resembles a herringbone.


Silk is not a very common fabric for men’s shirts. This is because it’s not very practical. Natural silk gets dirty quickly and wrinkles easily. Such fabric is easy to deform, and its maintenance requires special means.

How to Choose the Right Fabric Of Shirt!

When buying a men’s shirt, you always have the question of choosing a material. First of all, the fabric for a man’s shirt should be of the highest quality, dense and smooth. In most cases, it’s best to choose cotton garments. The best option is a double-woven fabric, which is silkier and more expressive than standard single-woven cotton.

Thanks to this, the bespoke shirts in Sydney become denser and more durable. In addition, cotton products are of high-quality texture. They don’t stretch or lose their shape. When choosing a material for a men’s shirt, you need to take into account the length of the fibre, which is the most important quality criterion. The fibre length must be at least 16 mm. However, it’s not necessary to choose products made from 100% cotton. Having a little synthetics in the shirt will only make it more elastic and practical.


Whether you’re buying tailor-made shirts or ready-made, having the right fabric shirt is essential. Nowadays, some people prefer to hire professional tailors for wearing a perfect flattering shirt. A ready-made shirt might be some inches tight or loose from the shoulders, arm or waist. However, tailor-made shirts provide an amazing appearance.