If you are looking for the right way to dress up for church and show your faith while staying in fashion, you should read this article to see the recommended dress code.

Christians must follow a dress code, especially to enter the church, as wearing revealing clothes can take them towards sin. People say that wearing clothes that are not revealing does not fit the modern world. But this concept is wrong as by wearing clothes of Christian brands, they can stay in fashion.

You can find fashionable dresses and t-shirts to show your faith in religion from various Christian clothing brands online. You can also buy Christian t-shirts for Christmas and other special occasions like having a holy ceremony.

Wearing Christian t-shirts to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday give it a good meaning. Moreover, we can avoid wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and stay in style by wearing fashionable Christian clothing.

Biblical Perspectives About Christian Clothes

Following are the four biblical perspectives about the dressing of men and women you should follow as a Christian.

Properly Covered:

When you devote yourself to being a good Christian and following the path of Jesus, you are no longer living a life from the world’s perspective. You sacrifice your life to God, and according to God, the purpose of wearing clothes is to cover your body.

Your body is a temple to the Holy Spirit, and whatever you wear should cover your body well. For example, if you are wearing skirts, their length must be till your knees. Your shirt must cover your chest, as wearing shirts and gowns that reveal your cleavage shows a sense of satanic influence.

The most ungodly way to dress up is when people wear clothes that do not cover their body as it means that they are defiling God’s Holy temple.

No Transparent Clothes:

Make sure to wear clothes that do not reveal your undergarments. Transparent and evaporating clothes are not allowed as the purpose of wearing clothes is to cover the naked body. Wearing such clothes defeats God’s purpose as these clothes are an indirect action of showing nakedness and disobeying God.

Wearing transparent clothes is the same as wearing revealing clothes to avoid becoming unqualified by God.

Tight Clothes are Not Allowed:

Whether the dresses you wear are skirts, gowns, self-made uniforms, or sportswear, you should keep in mind they are not tight. Tight clothes show the shape of your body, and it is also like nakedness. The clothes are to cover the body in every way and do not even reveal the figure.

The motive to show the body is called an excessive motive, and a person wearing tight clothes leads himself to damnation and condemnation of his soul.

Avoid Expensive Clothes:

The Bible warns people not to buy expensive clothing as the flow of wealth is not the same for everyone. Wearing costly clothes daily or Christmas is not allowed as Christianity is modesty and a Christian is always modest.

You do not buy clothes to show your financial capacity and wasting money on expensive clothes and accessories is unbiblical. You can use Christian stores to avoid buying costly clothes like you can buy Christian t-shirts for Christmas that are not expensive, fully fill the meaning of covering the body, and show your faith in God.

While shopping for clothes, ask yourself what the purpose is of buying the cloth. Are you buying it for its quality, or is it to satisfy your ego? Moreover, a person can purchase to showcase his/her financial status; thus, you can ask yourself a question: Is there a cheaper dress of the same quality?

Concept of Condemnation

Having an excellent motive to do something but adopting an inappropriate manner is condemnation. People claim that they are wearing the clothes with a good motive. But a revealing cloth will express the bad manner of seducing others. It is a sin as, by your pure motive, you generate evil thoughts in the mind of those who see you.

As a child of God, people should see Jesus in you and not otherwise. Some people have a concept that they should be allowed to wear whatever they want, and if the dressing style is affecting others, they should close their eyes.

The child of God should not give such statements as by spreading the thought of closing eyes, you are becoming a source of darkness and not light.

Final Word

A person who has devoted his life to God and becomes the child of God must sacrifice the luxuries of life as he claims his body to be the Holy temple of God which should be pure. The person should reveal the paths of lightness and preach to the people not to go into sin.

Author Bio:

Elizbeth Cooper is a Christian fashion blogger who tells people what they can wear in a Holy way and leads a life in the light of Christianity.