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Buying gold on auspicious occasions is a custom in India. But gold has also gained importance as a fashion accessory and investment. Today, gold jewellery is adorned by men and women alike. Apart from wristwatches, cufflinks, kadas and rings, the gold chain for men has become a popular accessory. A gold chain looks great with western and traditional attire and can be paired with pendants or lockets.

The Significance of a Gold Chain for Men

A chain is a symbol of connection— a popular gift item during weddings; it symbolises the forging of a close relationship. A gold chain for men is also an indication of prosperity and wealth. It is common to all cultures across India, and the only differences are in the gold chain design for men, their cost, purity, etc.

Gold Chain Design for Men

The most commonly purchased gold chain for men is 22k gold, as it also serves as a good investment. Gold chains are also worn with other forms of jewellery like lockets, pendants and amulets.

A gold chain design for men can be light or heavy and can consist of combination, loops, etc. and can be a machine chain or handmade. Machine-made chain designs include box chains, link model chains, flat chains or triangular chains, whereas artificial chain designs include rope chains and hollow chains. Being handmade with expert craftsmanship, these models are more expensive but reflect artistry and grace.

The most popular gold chain design for men is the box chain. Box chains are made from connected square links and come in combinations of single, double, triple or quadruple lines with varying amounts of spaces between the boxes. These chains have a masculine look and can be paired well with pendants. 

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Gold Chain

To identify the right kind of chain, the factors to consider are the make, length, and weight of the chain and the purpose of the purchase. Machine-made chains are often light and cheap compared to handmade ones. However, handmade chains have intricate and artistic work, which usually looks great on men and women. Men’s chains also come in varying lengths and weights. For regular use, a 20-25 grams gold chain is ideal. The size of the chain will depend on personal preferences. Traditional chains are usually shorter, ranging from 10-12 inches, but most men prefer longer 18-22 inch chains, which are therefore ideal for gift-giving.

Price and Certification for Men’s Gold Chains

The price of a gold chain for men will depend upon the make, length and weight range from INR 40,000 to INR 80,000. Most online jewellers also offer purchase in installments options. While buying a gold chain, be sure to check the authenticity and certification. Always check for the BIS Hallmark logo on the product and the accompanying invoice. Since studying the actual weight and purity is not possible in online purchases, these measures will help you trust your online jeweller.