cerner emr

About Cerner 

Cerner is one of the most popular medical software companies in North America. It has been in the business of creating medical software for about 40 years and has earned a place for itself at the forefront of creating software. The company currently has 28,000 employees and has headquarters in the city of North Kansas, in the State of Missouri. The company is trusted by thousands of users across the continent. In this piece, we will be talking about one of the software the company producers; Cerner EHR software. 

We will address several questions in relation to this software; from questions about the features in this software to what you should expect from a Cerner EMR demo. If you are interested in learning about this, then keep reading to find out! 

Top Features in Cerner EHR 

Make Clinical Documentation Easy

The first feature in Cerner EMR we want to talk about is the clinical documentation feature which is incredibly simple in this software. With Cerner EHR, you are able to access a variety of templates that the software has made for you to explore. You can look at the templates and choose one which suits your needs and specialization. The feature includes a voice and handwriting detection feature which allows you to make notes however you prefer and then converts them into text based documents which are stores directly on to your software so that it is safe and everything is in the same place! 

Use Cerner EHR on the Go

Another great feature in Cerner is that it has a great mobile app and web app that you can use from your mobile devices and any other handheld device such as a tablet or laptop as well. This allows you mobility as you use your software so that you have freedom to use your software on the go and keep yourself updated with everything related to your work even when you are physically outside of your office. This is a great feature to have and in 2021, you cannot do without it as everything is remote and should be easy to travel with! 

Built in and Customizable Templates

We mentioned that Cerner has wonderful templates above but that is not all. These templates are completely customizable which allows you to mould them into templates which are perfect for your practice. This allows you to have a template which you can fill easily since it is exactly what you need. We highly recommend asking you to focus on this feature when you are looking at a Cerner EMR demo to see whether or not it would be something you are interested in. Hopefully you will be able to glean from the demo whether or not this is a feature you are interested in. 

Patient Portal Feature for Reducing your Administrative Duties 

Having a patient portal feature in a software is incredibly important not just for reducing the number of duties on your shoulders but also because it allows you to involve your patients into your practice more so than before. This allows for patients to feel more involved in their treatment and more likely to stay with your practice for a longer time. The feature also allows you to reduce the amount of work you have to do because patients can schedule their own appointments, keep up with their schedule and much more. 

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

Revenue cycle management is a very important part of running any medical practice. A medical practice is also at the end of the day a source of income for a lot of people and hence a business. You need to know where you need to cut corners and how to improve your revenue thus with Cerner, you can use its revenue cycle management features to do so. This is another feature we recommend you focus on when looking at a Cerner EMR demo

Should you Invest in Cerner EHR

Investing in any EHR is a very important decision. We recommend you make this decision very carefully. The first thing you should do is read as many Cerner EMR reviews as you can so that you know what current users of the software think of it. 

You should also ask the vendor for a Cerner EMR demo to have hands-on experience with the software once before you make a decision about it. Hopefully, you will be able to see whether or not the software would prove to be suitable for you and whether you should spend money on it!