A few days ago, the doctor shared the article “Is this a refrigerator or an oven?” “Microsoft’s new console Xbox Series X is officially released,” tells the story of Microsoft’s release of its new game console Xbox Series X on TGA, and its next-generation console battle with Sony’s PS5 has slowly kicked off. Whether it is Xbox Series X or PS5, its hardware performance far exceeds Xbox One and PS4.

With the rapid development of the host hardware, the 3D model display in the game is becoming more and more realistic and lifelike. The character models that were shocked by the heavens are usually horrible now. To show the progress of the above-mentioned game technology, the PS official recently invited several game developers to share the game models they have made. We can see the role models, especially the number of polygons on the face, which has “surpassed” with the advancement of technology. the trend of! The doctor took everyone to take a look.

The first is the “Tekken” series, the characters shown are Mishima 18. “Tekken” is a fighting video game series developed and published by Namco. The first part was released in 1994. The game initially appeared only in arcade machines and was ported to PS in 1995. The latest “Tekken 8” landed on the PS5 platform.

There are only about 100 Mishima 18 face polygons in the PS platform “Tekken 7”, but there are 2,800 Mishima 18 head polygons in the PS4 platform “Tekken 7” (6000 including hair and mouth). The producer of the “Tekken” series said: “Mishima 18 doesn’t talk much in the game, so his eyes and expressions are enough to shape this character. And the new model we added scars to him, and also added more to him. s story.”

Followed by the “God of War” series, the character displayed is naturally Kui Ye. “God of War” is a third-person action role-playing game produced by Sony’s Santa Monica Studios. It was released by Sony on March 22, 2005. The new “God of War” landed on the PS4 platform.

The PS2 platform “God of War” has only about 1,200 face polygons for Kui Ye, while the PS3 platform has increased to 5,700, and PS4 has 32,000. The artistic director of Santa Monica Studio said: The model of PS4 “God of War” is made from scratch. There are about 80,000 polygons all over the body, of which 32,000 are used on the face.

The last is the “Monster Hunter” series, the character shown is naturally Ai Lu cat. “Monster Hunter” is a series of action role-playing games developed by CAPCOM, first released on March 11, 2004. This time is a comparison between PS2 and PS4.

In the PS2 platform “Monster Hunter”, there are only about 144 face polygons of the Ailu cat, while the PS4 platform has increased to 11,274! Capcom’s artistic director Fujioka would like to point out: The advancement of hardware and CG technology has significantly improved mask technology. Therefore, the material surface, glossy appearance, fur texture, etc. can be processed in time to make the expression more realistic. After reading the introduction of the doctor, are you also lamenting the rapid changes in technology? It is hard to imagine what the future will become.