A credit card offers unparalleled convenience. Besides providing you with no-frills money, it also rewards you for merchant transactions, fuel purchases, hotel booking, and so on — the bigger the card, the better the rewards.

The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card takes convenience one step further. It is a simple-to-understand credit card with never-seen-before rewards at an affordable maintenance cost.

The best part about the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is that, unlike other cards that come bundled with the rewards, this card allows you to choose your preferences and receive the rewards.

Hence, you can get more benefits from your card, as it values your dynamism while deciding the rewards.

What Makes the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card Special?

Gone are the days when you had to keep multiple credit cards, each tailored for a different need. The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card lets you determine your needs and choose the best features, all by yourself.

Designing the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is reasonably straightforward and a two-step process.

Firstly, you need to evaluate your eligibility. You have to visit RBL Bank’s website and enter details like email address, PAN, phone number, address, and your source of income to continue with the application process.

Secondly, you need to choose the benefits you want from the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card.

There are several categories and brands, each with unique benefits. You pay only for the benefits you choose and not for everything.

Moreover, you can change the categories or brands once every year.

Hence, the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card promotes flexibility, as it is your card, and you should have the upper hand in designing the benefits.

What are the Significant Benefits of the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card?

The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card provides you with the following benefits:

1. Flexibility to Decide the Cost –
The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card allows you the facility to choose the benefits. Hence, you have complete liberty to increase or decrease the card maintenance cost based on your spending habits.

2. Simple Card Designing Process –
Designing the RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is as easy as 1-2-3. You can click here, enter your personal details, choose the benefits to create the card.

3. Transparency in Cost –
Most banks do not disclose the card cost at one go. In most cases, customers discover the costs only after using the card. The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is a clear exception. As you add the features, the price gets updated. The total amount you see in the sidebar is what you pay as the Annual Fee (excl. GST), sans hidden costs.

4. Flexibility in Changing the Benefits –
Rarely does a bank allow you to change the benefits you get from a credit card? The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is unique as you can always change the benefits. However, you can change the benefits only once every year.

5. Wide Coverage –
The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card is available for customers in 17 states and 45 cities.

6. Use the MyCard App –
RBL Bank offers the MyCard App exclusively for RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card customers. You can now make bill payments from within the app. You can also download account statements, convert big purchases into EMI, avail value-added services, and check customized discounts and rewards.

7. Complimentary Rewards –
With every RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card, you get two complimentary benefits. First, you can get one reward point for every INR 100 you spend using the card (except fuel). Second, you can get a fuel surcharge waiver for all transactions between INR 500 and 4000 (up to INR 100 every month).


RBL Bank is a member of the BCSBI, meaning all your transactions with the YOUnique Credit Card is one hundred percent safe and secure. Moreover, you can get a 45-day no-questions-asked free trial. If you do not like using the card, you may return it any time during the free trial period.

The RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card redefines convenience and maximizes rewards. Experience flexibility with the all-new RBL Bank YOUnique Credit Card.