photo studio

If you need to rent a photo studio in Singapore then you’ve come to the right place. Some studios have provided the best photo services. Here, you can find rental photo studios that work in all directions. Starting from organizing events to renting video lights

We offer premises of 60 and 80 sq.m. with panoramic windows that allow shooting with natural light. The halls have thematic photo zones with different styles. The studio also has the necessary photo and video equipment for your creative process. In addition to the halls, there is a separate dressing area, which is provided free of charge one hour before the photo session.

We are a team of professionals in Singapore Photographers, makeup artists, designers, florists.

We conduct all kinds of masterclasses and workshops. 

We are organizing photo projects in Singapore. We are engaged in hairstyles and make-up, we create your image from scratch. We provide dresses for rent for photo shoots in Singapore and h2 provide the photo studio rental services. The list of our services is almost endless.

We have everything to make your work as comfortable as possible.

And most importantly, you will have a great time and get incredible energy in the best photo studio in Singapore.


We are glad to welcome you into our space. For photography equipment and interior photography, you will find it on the photo studio page.

In addition to renting a studio, you can order the services of a stylist/make-up artist. 


You can rent a projector both in the studio and outside it.

When renting a projector outside the studio, the countdown starts from the moment the projector is handed over to the return of the projector back to the studio. When renting a projector outside the studio, you must leave a document or a deposit 


Photo studio’s constant light sources for photo and video filming. There are 2 LED illuminators with the following characteristics:

The color temperature of both sources: 5500K (3200K filter included), there is smooth brightness control.

The estimated time of the rental day is from 10:00 to 20:00.

With an earlier collection of sources or a later return – an additional payment of 500 rubles. for each hour, regardless of the total number of hours of use of the sources. For example, rent from 13:00 to 21:00 for one day will cost 2500 rubles.

A set of one lighting fixture includes the fixture itself, a studio stand, a power cord.


  • Working hours of the photo studio from by prior call, the minimum booking time is 1 hour. 
  • The minimum time for the night package is 5 hours. The cost of 1 hour of night rental is 700 rubles.
  • The cost of renting a hall is 1000 rubles per hour if no more than 8 people are in it at a time, including the crew. Accommodation for more than 8 people is paid additionally, 100 rubles/person per hour. The cost of renting a studio for public events is discussed with the studio administrator.
  • The rental time starts strictly at the booked time. Late is not a reason for a reduction in the rental price, nor does it make it possible to rent for longer than the booked time. The time for rent of this place for family photoshoot can be extended. The minimum lease renewal time is 15 minutes, subject to availability.
  • We do our best to make the hall 100% ready for your visit
  • A place in the dressing room is provided free of charge one hour before the start of your shooting time. You can use the dressing room throughout the entire shooting, provided that it has not been booked by the next renter. An additional hour of the dressing room is paid separately 


 Cancellation of the reservation service with the return of the rent:  1 hour for FIVE days, 2 or more hours for SEVEN days. Please note that the refund is carried out with a deduction of a commission of 7%, 

If the cancellation policy is not followed, the prepayment will not be refunded. If you did not pay for your reservation, you will have a debt in the amount of the booked time. In case of refusal to pay for the reservation, you are added to the “black list” of the studio and further booking of our studio is impossible until the debt is paid in full.

 In any studio room, you can only wear removable shoes. If you did not bring replacement shoes and there are dirty footprints left behind, the studio has the right to deduct 500 rubles from you. a fine to pay for cleaning the premises.

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