A Weather Way App

There are a bunch of popular weather apps available for smartphones that provide typical information. But how about a more interesting and adventurous way to see how the days gonna go? If you like the idea, then A Weather Way could be the perfect choice for you. It’s a fantastic app that provides all essential weather information in a beautiful way. You’ll love it for sure once you know everything about it.

So, let’s know more about the Weather Way.

A Weather Way

A Weather Way Free

It’s the weather app that allows you to visualize your day with an animated hourly forecast of your day, where you can see how the weather impacts your daily routine or activity. You’ll never have to search on news to know about the weather.

Whether you plan to go skiing, deep-sea diving, or usual outings with your family, A Weather Way will show you the exact forecast for each hour of your schedule with customizable and animated icons. There are more than 50 different icons from a number of distinct categories you can use. Besides that, you can also re-create up to seven daily routines per week and create different routines for every saved location. The app has also a beautiful home screen widget, so you don’t need to open the app every time you need to check the weather. Moreover, A Weather Way has its’ PRO version too that offers more cool features.

A Weather Way Main Features

  • Beautiful animated hourly forecast of your day
  • See how the weather impacts your daily routine or activity
  • Create personalized daily routines using the routine editor and activities icon library
  •  Receive hour by hour, 48 hours and 10-day forecasts
  • Hourly precise current conditions including temperature highs and lows, “Feels like” temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, and a daily forecast summary.
  • Simple one tap sharing to let your family and friends see how your day is looking.
  • Cool homescreen widget

So, now what? Download A Weather Way free for Android or IOS, get essential weather forecasts with beautiful and customizable animated visualizations.