Agro Based Equipments

There are  various manufacturers who are producing grass cutting Tractors. So, if you want to purchase a grass cutting  tractor then you will get a lot of offers  although you can get offers from online sites such as Amazon and eBay .com. It is an extremely tough choice to choose a particular  tractor but if you have your priorities straight and up then you can choose the right tractor for you.

The grass cutter mower is  the versatile grass cutting machine farmer can use. The shape of the grass cutting mower is horizontal. Rotary slasher can be used to cut small bushes and provide a satisfactory cut on turf areas. Tractors indulge with rotary slasher provide a cost effective grass cutting solution. To cut unwanted grass, farmers  can choose a rotary splasher as a best machine. 

Mounted Disc Plough

This mounted disc plough is favourable to all the conditions to extract soil and the basic function  such as soil raising, soil breaking, soil mixing. Farmers can use this at the time of  New farms and Stony areas as well. This can also be used for rooted and rock areas, It is basically useful for trashy land conditions And on  land  where scouring of soil is a  major issue. 

This is directly mounted to Tractors for example, Swaraj 735  and kubota mu4501 you can handle every heavy agriculture implements. It allows clearing trash through a seamless tubing frame. When there is conformity conditions of soil it provides extra disc plough. 

Polly Disc Plough 

This is useful when cultivation is done for the purpose of agriculture. The main task of this is to basically chop up the soil which is recently used to remove the cluster. This machine can build any category of agricultural soil which is used for planting seeds. This machine possesses high utensil strength, low noise creating and robustness. 

This is available in various forms and sizes and it is free from corrosion as well. It has a robust duty frame and does not require more load in tough conditions too. 

Offset Disc Harrow

This machine is used to operate at farm with the purpose of superficial ploughing and shattering of colds, burial of organic substances and sowing by sol and it’s getting prepared. This is useful in reducing the seeds and airing the soil with a purpose to break the root. The cost to purchase is affordable and economical and has wide working width. This offers a speed of 7 km to 15 kn/hour and the angle of fitting can be adjustable as needed, it is more useful when it is applied to low and medium soil. 

This has high quality steel disc and it can be transported anywhere easily as it is easily attachable and feasibly mounted. The depth of the harrow is 6 inch and maintenance is low but it requires to get scheduled. 

Heavy Duty Trailed offset Disc Harrow

This is also known as a heavy duty mounted disc harrow and it is trailed behind the tractor. It has heavy design and weight which is useful to break heavy cold effectively. At the time, growth of green manure, trash or other areas is cross-diced then organic matter is used by burying it and making its mixture with soil to rapidly decay into humus. The harrow contains a strong and sturdy frame adjoined with boron steel disc and heavy duty iron cast spool to proffer weight of centre. 

Spring Loaded Cultivator 

This is basically designed with the purpose of medium and light soils. This machine allows loosening of soil and aerating of soil with a depth of 250 mm. This is an economical and affordable equipment for farmers and it also allows preparing seed beds in effective time. At a time, when there is a hidden object through one tyne strikes through it continues to work with its depth. It has 10 mm WD and 50 mm OD spring  and 75*40 mm frame. 

Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough

This machine is uniquely designed to turn the soil level up side down through incorporating residues of soil and providing more fertility to new crops. This allows preparing for the bad deep seed by using proper aeration and drainage. This machine is basically the first tillage implemented for hard and light soil. It has a strong thick extension of body frame and 2-3 moul board through provision of body extension. 

This is specially has polished mould broad and angle can be adjusted at a time. It has the largest inter body and provision of shear bolts. This machine enhances the scope of work by reducing blockage when there is ploughing. 

These above mentioned are the equipment that can be used to perform agro culture activities by farmers. They can opt any depending upon their need in activities.