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When we talk about air filters in the car, we can differentiate two main types, the engine air filter and the cabin air filter.

The car engine air filter is a key part for the operation of the engine. As its name suggests, it is responsible for filtering the air of all kinds of impurities such as gases, dust, pollen and even mosquitoes, to prevent them from reaching the engine. It is essential to keep it in good condition, not changing the air filter has important consequences.

Without the air filter the engine operation is not correct. The air filter in the car is responsible for cleaning the air before it enters the engine, that is, it retains impurities, to prevent the combustion chamber from being contaminated, the engine cylinders from degrading and influencing their performance and fuel consumption. The condition of the air filter contributes to the life of the engine.

The cabin air filter, also known as a pollen filter, has a similar function to the engine air filter, it is responsible for retaining and reducing airborne particles and impurities that can enter the interior of the car and, for Therefore, protect the health of the occupants.

This filter is able to retain much finer impurities that could enter the interior of the car. It prevents impurities such as pollen, especially during the spring, from reaching the passenger compartment, affecting the passengers of the car.

It is necessary to keep the pollen filter in good condition and pay special attention in the summer season. The increased use of air conditioning affects the condition of the filter and can affect the operation of the car and the health of the occupants.

How does a bad air filter influence?

Maintenance of the engine air filter is very simple; it consists of replacing it when it is dirty. However, a bad engine air filter that is used for a long time will no longer perform its function properly and will affect engine performance.

A bad engine air filter can cause costly breakdowns when changing a filter is inexpensive and easy. The filter is made up of fibers that retain dirt, when it’s dark it’s time to replace it with a new filter.

When the filter is clogged, the air stops entering the cylinders, which reduces the engine power by not burning properly and, therefore, increases fuel consumption because the air-fuel mixture is not correct. In addition, the emission of polluting gases increases, which can affect the inspection of the ITV.

A clean air filter contributes to the smooth operation and prolongs the life of the engine, so that it is free of debris, therefore, it is necessary to change the filter on a regular basis.

A pollen filter in poor condition, unlike the engine air filter, does not influence the performance and power of the engine, instead it affects the quality of the air that enters the interior of the car and therefore, health of the vehicle occupants.

The cabin air filter effectively traps particles from the outside air to ensure clean air inside the car. If the filter is clogged, it influences its filtering capacity and the windows may fog up, affecting visibility, so it is necessary to replace the filter regularly.

How often should the air filter be changed?

The more distance you travel, the more likely it is that the air filter is clogged with particles and impurities, this can affect the performance of the car and its members.

It is true that many times you can find only small obstructions in the air filter and that, if it is one of the washable ones, a good cleaning is enough. But in the worst case it is inevitable to change it.

It is advisable to check the engine air filter at each service and change it every other service, take into account the kilometers traveled and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is advisable to change the cabin air filter every 15,000 km or once a year to ensure the proper functioning of the filter. The environment in which we circulate with the car must also be taken into account, in the city harmful gases, odors and the high concentration of particles affect the health of the occupants of the car. In rural areas, the level of pollen and other substances in the countryside can influence air quality.

It is also recommended to change the pollen filter in spring, especially in the case of allergy sufferers, for a much more effective filter.

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