Fitness and diet are essential elements when it comes to being healthy. A person does all sorts of exercise, maintenance of diet, and body weight to stay healthy. Numerous people across the world have been following the keto diet for a long period. A keto or the ketogenic diet comprises low carbohydrates, high fats, and adequate protein-rich food. Low carbs in a keto diet help increase metabolism called ketosis. 

Apart from protein-rich food, people also intake popular supplements like MCT oil to lose weight. A keto diet enriched with MCTs not only reduces weight but reduces the risk of heart diseases. As consisting of various health benefits, MCT oil in one’s diet is a rich source of energy. Along with fighting bacterial growth, it helps lower the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

One can easily get keto supplements including, MCTs, from a keto online store in Australia. Usually made from coconut or palm kernel oil, people get this oil from a process called fractionation. The process separates the MCT from the original coconut oil and concentrates it.

What Are the Health Benefits of  Adding MCTs to the Diet?

MCTs have various health benefits to suit the purpose of keto diet followers-

  • The oil helps boost strength and raise energy levels if you are weak or elderly.
  • MCTs, help promote weight loss and help prevent obesity. Just two tablespoons of MCT oil in breakfast will lower the capacity to have more food for lunch.
  • As the body absorbs MCTs quickly due to their shorter chain length, they may prove to be a good source of energy.
  • MCTs reduce lactate build up in the body and use fat for energy. It is quite beneficial for athletes. Taking MCTs before exercise helps increase fat burn.
  • MCTs in ketogenic diets help manage conditions like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and autism.
  • Fatty acids in MCTs can reduce the growth of bacteria and yeast.
  • MCTs help manage blood sugar levels in the body.

Can MCTs Be Used In Cooking? 

MCTs serve loads of health benefits and can be used in cooking dishes as well. However, it should be utilized to cook only for low to mid-temperature cooking. The smoke purpose of MCT oil is 320°F, and anything above this temperature will harm the fats. There are several ways in which the oil is used in cooking; some of them are listed below –

  1. Make keto greens mix-salad, and use MCT oil as a dressing for a flavorsome feast.
  2. Cook below 320°F to add the oil into broiled vegetables, or sprinkle it before serving over the veggies for a wholesome meal.
  3. Add the oil and collagen peptides to your morning dairy-free keto expresso. What better would one want to freshen up every morning?
  4. MCTs can be added to any smoothie to increase energy levels and have the stomach full. One can add the MCTs to their keto mermaid smoothie bowl and enjoy the lovely dinner.
  5. Another way to make anyone’s morning incredible is to add the MCTs into the bowl of oats. Adding MCTs will enable one to gather energy and have a fiber-full supper.
  6. At medium heat, one can saute their veggies with the oil. But one needs to be careful with the heat level to attain the advantages.

To maintain a fit body and follow a healthy diet, one should buy keto supplements only from a recognized and trustworthy keto online store in Australia.

Stay healthy, stay fit and keep following the keto diet.