Remember the cartoons you used to watch as a child? Yes! Well, those were the days of 2D animation ruling the industry. Almost every animation, movie, games, and so many other things were made using 2D animation. With changes in technology, the animation was left aside and came to the world of 3D. Everything in today’s world has turned into a 3D ground. Movies, games, animations, and so many other things are taking the path of 3D animation as they are more immersive than the latter.

Do you want to know about both the animation world? So, keep reading and get to know about them in just a single place.

What is 2D animation?

2 dimension is an art style that is represented on a two-dimensional space, like paper. It includes two dimensions, the length, and the breadth. In this, the drawings are simple sketches that are drawn on a piece of paper, and these papers are kept in a sequence to give an illusion of movement.

All the background images, VFX, creatures, and many other things involved in the graphics are made using simple sketches and are put through a sequential framing to create a motion. The frames usually run at a designated speed to give the outcome as a moving object.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is created by computer software and is usually made in a 3 axis format. All the background, VFX, and modeling, and rendering are done through graphics that are made from the computer software. The animation has a certain length, breadth as well as a certain height.

3D animation is quite complex than 2D and has made its way through everyone’s heart. This is used in several technologies today like in movies, games, and even animations.

The 3D image has taken such a huge popularity in the industry that check here for 3D animation services are coming up to help companies use them in their daily marketing as well.

What is the major difference between the two?

Although the difference can be quite clear in terms of the axis of the image and their designing stage several differences can arise in the animation process. Let us look at the procedure that goes behind the animation process for each.

Pre-production stage:

For a 2D animation:

For two dimensions the writers or animators often get ready with a script that needs to be put in the video. It is drawn on a frame basis and each frame is carefully designed with all strategies and taking into consideration several factors.

For a 3D animation:

Unlike 2D animation and other 3D animation also follows certain scripting techniques. The difference starts from the drawing stage. In 3D the animations are built through 3D modeling, texturing, and skinning. This adds realism to the images through several techniques like color, lights, grids, etc.


The animation in 2D is inserted into the story through a procedure of merging. In this method, the background and character movements are separately drawn and are merged in a single video frame to give them a movement. In today’s time, this system of adding animation is carried out through computers.

The features and graphics are rendered through software and each frame is sequentially arranged and is placed according to the transformation. These frames can be added to transform drawings into moving characters.

3D animation:

The animation starts by creating an overall skeleton of the character and then adding all the features to it.

In the animation stage, the character is given movement through programmed data. It adds a VFX, in which various visual elements are compiled together in several proportions to create an illusion of a real-life image. In this the lighting is taken care of that helps to add depth to several sides creating an illusion of the image.

After production:

2D animation:

After the frames turn out into a good moving character the voice is integrated into it according to the requirement. It is not a necessary step for animation but is a deciding step to carry out animation in a good way.

3D animation:

After the animation is completed the sound effects are added to the system just like a 2D animation stage. At last rendering of the image is carried out.

Best Software for 2D and 3D animation

2D animation:

There are several software that ate present in the market but the best software that you can use are:

Anime Studio


Toon Boom


3D animation:

3D animation is one of the best and the fastest growing industries and there are several 3D animation services present. They suggest the best tools to be :



3D Studio Max



Both 2D and 3D animations are very different in their ways when they are related to software and complexity of use. The requirements are different and hence the cost of production for both also significantly changes and has a prominent difference between them.

A 2D animation of 60 seconds can cost anywhere from about $2000 to $ 7000, while at the same time 3D can cost $5000 to $10,000.

2D and 3D animations are unique in their ways and have their place in several applications. Both can entertain the viewer and impress them with great visuals. This makes them both a huge success in themselves. If you are a learner and want to develop animations you can choose anyone I the above or even go for both of them to create animations.