If you are considering investing some money in the drawer of an SUV or 4WD, then you need to understand the criteria that can help you find the best model for your use case.

Once you try four-wheel driving for the first time, you’ll be hooked and eager to get back on track whenever you get the chance. To take your adventure to the next level, you need to bring some extra gear so you can stay longer and try some routes that don’t usually go for. Due to limited space at the rear of the vehicle, you may want to stack everything there to get off as soon as possible. However, when digging a lot of tools outside, you’ll want to invest in some 4WD drawers and a 4×4 Shelf.

4x4 Shelf


Therefore, the equipment of each vehicle must be customized according to your strict needs and business requirements. Traditional materials are very heavy and add enormous weight to the vehicle, so in many cases, it is necessary to adjust the vehicle’s suspension system. But with so much information, how do you choose the 4WD drawer that suits you? In this blog, you will know about the ultimate guide to help you purchase your own 4WD drawer set. 

Keep on reading the blog to know the entire process to the core so that you fully understand every detail to consider when choosing to purchase a new 4WD drawer kit. Whether you are a beginner or an expert seeking manufacturer advice, One of the main advantages is that storage drawers can be used to store all the necessary off-road equipment you may need on a journey away from dust. They can also distribute the weight of your cargo so that the centre of gravity of your vehicle is greater than you must Keep it low when packing on the roof. This allows your vehicle to stay on the ground instead of rolling on certain tracks.

So, what customization is suitable for my vehicle?

  • When you are looking for which configuration to choose, it ultimately depends on how you intend to use it. The horizontal layout is common for people who want extra storage space but also some luggage space. If you want to combine refrigerator sliders or any other features that require a tall shape layout, the vertical layout is preferred.
  • When choosing a 4WD drawer, sales support and your product warranty are also important factors. You want to research and understand whether the system only provides a basic consumer warranty, or whether the company provides a longer warranty.
  •  In addition, if you buy 4WD drawers online and want a third party to install them for you, installation may be the only thing covered by the warranty. It is important to protect yourself as a driver and consumer in the event of an accident.

Endnote: If you plan to have 4×4 drawers installation from a third party, be sure to speak with them before you buy to make sure they are happy with the situation and that you understand what is covered. 

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