All You Need To Know About The HUDA Affordable Housing Scheme In Gurgaon

The HUDA affordable housing scheme Gurgaon is indeed a great relief for the homebuyers struggling to find an affordably priced property in Gurgaon. In the past, the affordable housing segment did not grow much in Gurgaon due to the rising land rates. After the launch of the affordable housing scheme, however, this started to change. It made homes available at cheaper prices while ensuring that the residents would still get to enjoy the necessary amenities. Here is all you need to know about the affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon to make an informed decision. 

Who is eligible for the affordable housing scheme?

Any individual is allowed to apply for an affordable home. However, the Gurgaon housing scheme does give special preferences to certain buyers:

  • The PMAY beneficiaries who are from Gurgaon would receive the priority. This includes their dependent children and spouses too. 
  • The beneficiaries of the PMAY scheme from the other cities and towns in Haryana would be prioritised next. 
  • After this, every other applicant who does not already own a flat in a colony developed by HUDA or any licenced urban colony in the region would be given preference. 
  • An individual can submit only one application per colony. If chosen in two or more colonies, he/she would have to choose anyone. 

How does the process work?

The number of affordable units in Gurgaon is still limited. To maintain fairness, an affordable housing scheme in Gurugram works based on a draw. 

  • The applicants have to obtain an application form and submit it along with 5% of the property price. 
  • The draw date would be announced later but usually takes place within three months of the last date for application. 
  • If selected in the draw, the applicants would have to pay 20% of the property price within fifteen days since allotment. 
  • The successful applicants would be required to pay up the remaining 75% in six instalments of 12.5% every six months for the next three years. 
  • The unlucky applicants under the upcoming affordable housing projects in Gurgaon who do not get selected receive a refund of their application fee. 

The homes covered by the Gurgaon affordable housing scheme 2021 have been priced at pocket-friendly rates. The carpet area costs INR 4000 /Sq.Ft. while the balcony area costs INR 500/Sq.Ft. You may check out the various real estate projects covered by the scheme and pick the ones that suit you the best.