American Airlines

Looking to select seats on American Airlines? Here we will guide you through the easy steps about selecting seats on air travel of the American Airlines reservations. The Airline is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas is a major airline of America. It happens quite a few times when we book a flight without selecting the seats, which we realize later on of the trouble we caused by not doing so. We recommend travelers to book the seat before to avoid any inconvenience during the travel and stay close to your friends and family.

American Airlines will provide travelers with all the benefits and available rewards seats to plan future reward flights. Passengers can choose their desired seats at any time, be it during or after completing your booking process, but additional charges need to be paid. 

In case the passengers do not choose to give extra cost to select a seat, the seat to be automatically assigned at the time of check-in without any cost.  

Passengers can select the desired seat in American airlines before the departure. Process of selecting a seat in American Airlines mentioned in steps below:

  1. First, visit the American Airlines official website and click on the My trips tab
  2. Log in to My trips
  3. A new page redirected to you where the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger needs to entered
  4. Click on the flight number, which you will get under the booking details
  5. Tap on Find reservation 
  6. Enter the manage booking section 
  7. Select the desired seat from the flight’s seat map while following the on-screen instructions to book with American Airlines reservations
  8. Complete the payment for the booking process

Additional charges on the seat selection may vary according to the type of ticket booked to travel flight class. Once you complete the steps mentioned above, the passenger can select the seats in American Airlines Booking. Passengers can reach out to the American Airlines Customer support team for any queries.