As per the recent regulations of UIDAI, Aadhar card documentation can only be done using a registered biometric device. The device registration can be done using an OT-Morpho’s registered device service/software. OT Morpho is a UIDAI certified registered device software.

Using this software, people can easily link their devices with UIDAI in a convenient way. Government registration must only be done through a registered device that prioritizes data security by not storing any information on the device.

A registered device such as OT Morpho provides the following features:

  • Authentication of Device: Every biometric device has a unique identifier that allows traceability of data using secure analytics and fraud management.
  • No need for Storing Biometric: All the biometric data is recorded using a security provider key. All registered devices form an encrypted PID block before returning to the host application to eradicate the chance of data breaching.
  • Certified Registration: RD devices help users securely record their biometric data with a UIDAI certified device. RD Service encloses the biometric capture along with sign-in and other user experience.

About Morpho Biometric Device

Morpho MSO Smart 1300 series is a line of compact USB supported biometric device. The devices use the patented technology of Morpho that has gained immense popularity around the world due to its high level of precision and exceptional durability.

Morpho Fingerprint MSO 1300 e3 is NIST’s first rank holder in terms of accuracy and relevancy. It offers a highly cost-effective biometric solution for verification and documentation of official proceedings.

There is match-on-card or match-on-device feature offers guaranteed information protection and desktop application security.

Some hard to beat features of Morpho RD Service are:

  • Fake fingerprint detection,
  • Premium enrolment functions,
  • Identification FIPS 201
  • MINEX compliant feature extractor and Matcher.

Features of Morpho Biometric Device

The security is extensive, and users can also encrypt their data along with recording digital signature certificates.

  • These devices can efficiently work with Airtel, Vodafone, JIO and Idea.
  • Provides one-stop solution including identification, enrolment, and verification.
  • Morpho scanners have been approved by the government and can be used to activate SIM cards across all telecom operators.
  • Aadhaar based services can easily be availed as the device is UIDAI certified and can be used to record biometric data.
  • Easy plug and play and no requirement of prior software installation.

Certification of Morpho Devices

All Morpho 1300 series with e, e2 and e3 is certified as a registered device. Certified devices used for all government documentation needs such as Aadhaar Card, Jeevan Pramaan Yojna and eKYC. However, the devices are only L0 certified. Once it gets certified for L1, the same would be updated on the official website of Radium Box.

How to whitelist Morpho Devices?

The morpho devices can be easily whitelisted by visiting the Radium Box Website.

How can RD Service Software for Morpho MSO 1300 downloaded?

The RD Service Software for Morpho can be downloaded from-

  • Android RD Service Morpho
  • Windows RD Service Morpho.

More information on Morpho devices, please visit its authorised seller’s site RadiumBox.